Yhondarwys Peña: Leader in etiquette, protocol and event organization


Published on: Jun 11, 2024 

By: Carlos Camargo

Yhondarwys Peña, lawyer, educator and prominent Wedding and Event Planner, continues to establish himself as a prominent figure in the world of event organization and protocol etiquette. With an impressive career and vast experience ranging from education to business management, Peña has become an international reference in his field.
Born in Mene Grande, Zulia State, Venezuela, on November 13, 1984, Yhondarwys Peña has demonstrated from a young age his passion and dedication to protocol and event organization. From the age of 17, he began his training in Institutional Protocol and Ceremonial at the Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín University (URBE), standing out in inter-institutional events and contributing significantly to the organizing committee of the university’s degree events.
At 20 years old, Peña was already giving workshops and conferences on Protocol and Public Service, which allowed him to become a facilitator and jury in the selection of the URBE Protocol Team. His Law degree from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, obtained three years later, complemented his academic and professional profile.
As a teacher at URBE, Peña has taught various subjects related to Law, Social Communication, and Event Organization, strengthening his role as an educator and mentor. His business vision materialized with the creation of GO PRO! Protocolo, a company dedicated to the organization and planning of social and corporate events, which has gained recognition in several countries.
Certified as a Wedding and Event Planner by the Ibero-American Event Planner Institute (INIBEP) and the Euro-American Event Planner Union, Peña has taken his expertise to an international level. His master’s degree in Business Management, completed in 2015 at URBE, and his certification as an International Speaker in 2016, have allowed him to share his knowledge in conferences and workshops aimed at protocol teams from the public and private sectors.
One of the most notable milestones of his career was his participation in “Bride Dubai 2017”, where he was the only Venezuelan Wedding Planner present, reinforcing his commitment to continuous training and new trends in weddings and events. This experience led him to plan and coordinate the wedding of professional baseball player Salvador Pérez and Gabriela Ruiz in the United States, expanding his presence in North America.
Peña has also launched GO PRO! Academy, an academy dedicated to training in Etiquette, Protocol and Ceremonial, contributing to education and professionalization in these fields. His product “Banquet Etiquette” has had a significant impact, especially in the city of Miami, where he has promoted “Knowing how to be and knowing how to be” in society.
In 2019 and 2023, he received the award/certificate for his outstanding work as an Organizer of Weddings and Events with International Projection from the “Tacarigua de Oro” Cultural Foundation. These recognitions underline his impact on the artistic, cultural and professional development of the world.
During 2024, Yhondarwys Peña has continued to expand his professional network by being part of the Association of Bridal Consultants and the Miami-Dade and Broward Chapter of the National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP), actively participating in his activities and events. .
Yhondarwys Peña, with his experience and dedication, continues to represent Venezuela and raise the standards of etiquette and protocol in events worldwide, showing that protocol is not just a discipline, but a way of life.

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