Win The World’s Very First Dual Function Milk Frother

Maestri House announces the release of two unique milk frothers that will be available from 20th December 2021.

The First Dual Function Milk Frother

As coffee enthusiasts, Maestri House improves existing milk frothers in the market and develops the new first dual function milk frother. 

This dual function milk frother allows you to set the temperature and density simultaneously.

The variable temperature control offers four options for all coffee moods and preferences, from ordinary temperature to 120°F, 140°F, up to 160°F.

With four choices of milk density, from light and fluffy to 30%, to 50%, and finally the thick and creamy 80% foam of a macchiato lover’s dream.

#WhatCanWeMake Online Activity

For the release of new products, Maestri House holds a #WhatCanWeMake online prize-giving game on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram from Dec. 6 to Dec. 12, 2021 (EDT), and participants who give correct answers will have a chance to win an $89.99 new product.

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