Virgo Rising: Elevating Coffee Culture Through Sustainable and Unique Experiences

In the thriving world of coffee culture, now and then, a brand comes along that not only tantalizes our taste buds but also strikes a chord with our innermost values.

Jacqueline Gibbons, the spirited founder of Virgo Rising, is offering precisely this blend – a mix of exceptional flavors and community-driven values.

Founded with an unadulterated love for coffee, Virgo Rising was never just about the beans. For Jacqueline, it was about integrating the community’s needs with that of the environment.

Hence, every cup of Virgo Rising coffee isn’t just a mere drink – it’s a pledge towards a better future. This comes through not just in their carefully curated drinks, but also in their commitment to the environment, showcasing through their compostable packaging, sustainably sourced ingredients, and veganism.

Now, when one thinks about coffee innovations, the first few things that come to mind might be a new brewing method or an exotic bean.

But Virgo Rising took things a notch higher with the introduction of the Cold Brew Macchiato – an innovation that’s resonated with caffeine lovers around the globe. It’s no wonder that this creation stands tall as one of Jacqueline’s proudest career highlights.

However, as with every great endeavor, challenges were a part of Jacqueline’s journey. The pressure of owning a business, alongside personal challenges like preserving her mental health and financial constraints, has made her path far from straightforward.

Yet, her ethos to break daunting tasks into smaller, more manageable bits and to pivot when needed, has been her guiding light.

As she rightly puts it, “Having grit is more important than anything else. It’s the unseen force more powerful than money, talent, or even hard work.”

Drawing inspiration from her eclectic (and slightly witchy) vibes, Virgo Rising promises a unique coffee shop experience.

It’s a place where one can not only sip on a delightful brew but also bask in an environment that’s fun, relaxed, and exceptionally open-minded. This is where Virgo Rising separates itself from the myriad of other coffee shops.

Jacqueline’s vision for the future is clear. In the next few years, she aspires to have not one but two Virgo Rising locations, with one deeply personal establishment in her hometown, Corning, NY.

As she steadily makes strides toward this dream, she remains grounded in her mission to make Virgo Rising a beacon of sustainable practices in the world of coffee and beyond.

With the upcoming launch of their very first outlet in Albany, NY, Virgo Rising is not just opening its doors to the public, but also to a new chapter in their journey.

It’s an invitation for everyone to partake in their mission, to cherish their values, and to truly experience what makes them unique.

Virgo Rising is not just a brand; it’s a revolution in how we perceive and consume coffee. As they continue to flourish and touch more lives, one thing is certain: this is just the beginning for Jacqueline Gibbons and her brainchild.

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