Twrl Milk Tea Introduces Its Bestselling Plant-Based Milk Teas to Whole Foods Markets

[San Francisco, December 12, 2023] – Twrl Milk Tea, a plant-based food and beverage company inspired by its founders’ Chinese and Taiwanese American heritage, proudly announces its partnership with Whole Foods Market. Twrl teamed up with Whole Foods Market to launch its complete line of milk teas in the North Atlantic, Southern Pacific and Northern California stores for a total of 153 stores. The full set of milk teas, including four flavors: Hojicha Roasted Green Milk Tea, Jasmine Pu’erh, Taiwan-Style Black Milk Tea and Ube Milk Tea, is now available in selected Whole Foods Markets starting with 10 states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

“Whole Foods Market has long been a forerunner in the food space, helping push for superior agriculture practices and food production that benefits people and the environment. Given Twrl Milk Tea’s commitment to making better-for-you, sustainable milk tea products, it’s a natural fit for us to be on the shelves at Whole Foods Market across the country,” says Pauline Ang, Twrl Milk Tea’s founder. 

In line with its ethos of sustainable and ethical sourcing, Twrl Milk Tea procures its non-GMO tea from Fair Trade-certified family farms in China, Japan, and Taiwan. All the teas are single origin, meaning that they are harvested from a single region and thus the flavor profile imparts a distinct sense of place. We also gave it our unique twist by pairing the teas with sustainably made, plant-based pea milk, all nitro-infused, lending more creaminess to the drink minus the fats or creamers. Each milk tea is packaged in a shelf-stable, 7.5 oz can and can be found in the Cold Case. 

Boba milk tea is often viewed as a guilty pleasure. Most options in the market contain an exceedingly high sugar and calorie content, Pauline Ang poised Twrl Milk Tea’s innovative approach to tea as the solution to these issues stating “Twrl Milk Tea is our answer to these challenges. We offer a better-for-you, cafe-style milk tea with 75% less sugar and calories, made from single-origin fair-trade tea and proprietary plant-based milk. This not only enhances the taste but also uses 85% less carbon emissions than dairy and with popular demand from our customers, we’ve also introduced plant-based instant boba toppings with less sugar and calories as well. Our mission at Twrl Milk Tea goes beyond offering a product; it’s about building a community that values health, heritage and sustainability.”

“Twrl is the best tasting plant based, low cal, low sugar boba milk tea I’ve had to date. I can’t wait to see their products hit the shelves at Whole Foods. Now I can shop for groceries and satisfy my milk tea cravings at the same time but minus the guilt.” shared Celebrity Chef Kathy Fang

In addition to Whole Foods, Twrl’s Milk Tea is available through distributors including UNFI, Kehe, Faire, Pods Food, and Meet Mable. Consumers can also order online directly on Amazon, Weee!, and Twrl Milk Tea’s website. To complement their line of milk teas, Twrl Milk Tea also makes Crystal Boba made from konjac (a root vegetable) and Brown Sugar Boba. The brand recently released an e-cookbook touting the versatility of boba in both sweet and savory applications entitled “Boba is The New Sprinkles.” The recent Whole Foods launch caps off a high growth year for Team Twrl.

In celebration of this exciting partnership, Twrl Milk Tea hosted an exclusive holiday dinner party and launch event at Fang in San Francisco, California. The event featured a modernized recreation of Norman Rockwell’s iconic painting, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” in collaboration with celebrity chef Kathy Fang, Its By U founders Caroline Strzalka, and artist Felicia Liang.

About Twrl Milk Tea

Twrl Milk Tea is bringing their delicious low-sugar cafe-like Boba Milk Tea into an easy and convenient format with their Twrl Milk Tea cans and Boba Topping packets. Using single-origin teas grown on organic family farms and climate-friendly pea milk, Twrl Milk Tea’s plant-based drinks are crafted with sustainable sourcing front of mind. Pauline Ang and Olivia Chen, founders and longtime friends, draw upon their respective Chinese and Taiwanese heritage to bring unique, allergen-friendly flavors in a creamy, nitro-infused format to consumers in the US and abroad. Twrl Milk Tea is a Bevnet Best New Beverage Winner, a Food Network Editor’s pick, rated “Highly Recommended by Bon Appetit Magazine, an Expo West Nexty Best New Beverage Finalist and a 100% women and minority-owned company based in San Francisco. For more information about Twrl Milk Tea and their products, visit their website at

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