Trina Ramsey’s Journey of Resilience, Reinvention and Coaching Excellence

In the heart of every challenge lies an opportunity for growth, a principle Trina Ramsey, Executive Coach and CEO of the Just Do You Institute for Women’s Empowerment, embodies to the fullest. With a career spanning over two decades in nonprofit fundraising and executive leadership, alongside a thriving coaching business, Trina’s journey is a testament to the power of leading with one’s heart and embracing life’s multifaceted offerings.

A Visionary’s Path

Growing up in adversity, Trina’s early life was marked by poverty and the loss of her mother to suicide at a tender age. These experiences shaped her into a natural leader and a people person, dedicated to helping and healing others. Her professional journey has been diverse, from significant contributions to nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the League of Women Voters to founding the Just Do You Institute for Women’s Empowerment in 2009.

Embracing Full-time Empowerment

2023 marked a pivotal year for Trina, as she transitioned to focus entirely on her coaching business. Her mission is clear: to empower women, nonprofit leaders, and solopreneurs by guiding them towards lives that resonate with their authentic selves. Trina’s approach encourages individuals to let go of societal expectations and pursue their true dreams with discipline and boundary-setting.

Overcoming Challenges

Trina’s path has not been without its obstacles. Balancing her roles in nonprofit leadership and her coaching practice presented challenges, but her vision always took precedence. As a Black woman in leadership, she navigated microaggressions and workplace inequities, turning each experience into a source of strength and wisdom for her coaching clients.

Unique Perspective and Offerings

What sets Trina apart is her resilience and creative vision, honed through personal and professional challenges. Her services span executive coaching, team building, nonprofit board development, and fundraising consulting, offering a holistic approach to empowerment and leadership. Trina’s journey from adversity to a place of self-prioritization and strategic career moves stands as an inspiring example for others.

Notable Achievements

Trina’s career is adorned with highlights, such as launching her first business in her 20s, initiating a coaching practice in 2009, and surpassing Oprah on the Amazon bestseller list momentarily. Her work has been recognized by WomLead Magazine and Speakers Magazine, affirming her impactful contributions to women’s empowerment and leadership.

A Personal Touch

Trina’s practice today focuses on empowering individuals, particularly women leaders over 40 and BIPOC small business owners, to navigate life’s obligations and rediscover their joy and purpose. Her personal anecdotes, including overcoming the pain of losing her mother and finding love after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, add a deeply human aspect to her professional narrative.

Looking Ahead

Trina envisions a flourishing brand, with plans to expand her speaking engagements, client base, and online presence. She dreams of publishing her family memoir and organizing premium retreats and leadership conferences worldwide. Her story is one of courage, transformation, and the relentless pursuit of empowering others to embrace their best lives.

Connect and Transform

For those inspired by Trina’s story and eager to embark on their own journey of personal and professional transformation, connecting with her can be the first step towards realizing their potential. Trina is available for keynote speeches, workshops, and consulting services, ready to guide individuals and organizations towards their empowerment goals.

Follow Trina on her journey and connect through her social media platforms to learn more about how you can embark on a transformative path of empowerment and leadership.

In the words of Trina Ramsey, leading with your heart and embracing the full spectrum of life’s experiences can unlock incredible opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Her story is not just one of overcoming adversity but of using one’s unique journey to inspire and empower others to pursue their dreams and own their worth.

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