Trader to Watch: Layth Samarah

The MintyPips Academy, a platform for learning about forex and cryptocurrencies, is run by Layth Samarah, who is also its CEO. In the past five years, Samarah has taught more than 1000 students how to live the lifestyle of their dreams with the help of the platform and its resources.

It is derived from Samarah’s trading-space nickname, which he eventually adopted and transformed into the company it is today. In addition, he owns the Minty’s Wraps brand of mint leaf rolling sheets.

Samarah attributes his true success to the students he has persuaded to give up their full-time jobs in exchange for financial independence, in addition to the financial gains his company has generated. His greatest joy is helping others achieve similar success to his own. The MintyPips platform has enabled Layth Samarah to explore various business fields, such as decentralized banking, video game development with MintySwap, and the creation of apps such as Cryb.

A few of the icons Layth Samarah most admires are Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Robert Kyosaki. Samarah’s biggest trading inspiration is Quillian Black, who went from Target employee to multi-seven-figure trader. Samarah was also motivated by Black to never give up.

In the field of commerce, Samarah advises young businesses to find mentors who can provide them with valuable advice. This platform gives traders the best chance of developing a sustainable way of life through trading, which is why many traders from different platforms come to MintyPips for training. You can follow Layth on Instagram and find out more about business opportunities here.

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