Tia Bolden: From NASA to Entrepreneurship

As millions of people have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Tia Bolden and her fellow investors in Financially Independent Retire Early (FIRE) Investing, thrive as the stock market soars in 2020.

Tia Bolden is a successful entrepreneur and a mentor for over 900 profitable investors. Along with investing, she also owns four LLC’s and two S-Corps; including graphic design, wholesale real estate and technological advancements.

Bolden graduated Magna Cum Laude from Savannah State University; a proud HBCU graduate, Tia stood out academically throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies while she completed two degrees in engineering. Before the end of her Master’s program, Bolden landed her first job as an Electrical Manufacturing Engineer at NASA. From the get-go, Bolden was meant to have an impact in this world.

While Bolden had already managed to make six figures from her 9-5 job, being an engineer in NASA wasn’t the path she was destined to follow. “When I was studying engineering in grad school, I never thought about retirement nor leaving my 9-5 job,” Bolden explained, “When I saw the movie Hidden Figures, I romanticized the idea of working in NASA as a Black female engineer, but the reality is, people were only motivated to clock out every Friday at 3:30 PM. Work was not an exciting place for any of us.” When asked about what success really means for her, Bolden answered with, “Putting others in the position to achieve their dreams, ” and this is where her mentorship path begins.

Bolden began investing two and a half years ago, on April 18th, 2018, when she was still pursuing a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Bolden first attended a conference with IM Master Academy where she developed her two mentors, Nathan Samuel and De’el Woods who taught her how to generate funds, withdraw profits, and duplicate them in the easiest possible forms. Two years later, Bolden became a six figure earner within the foreign exchange market and managed to secure a substantial rank in trading, called the Platinum 5000, where she was provided a raise of $60,000 within two years. On April 24th, 2020, Bolden decided to quit her 9-5 job to become a full time entrepreneur, “I told my boss that making airplanes is great, making rockets is cool, but making millionaires is way, way better,” she said proudly.

With roughly 1,000 mentees within her wings, Bolden admitted that the most rewarding thing that came with her position as Chairwoman now is to see the growth and success of her mentees. In the many testimonials she has received, she revealed two of her personal favorite success stories; the journey of Kody Volkman and Mikayla Bailey. “Both Kody and Mikayla started rough,” Bolden explained, “The both of them were struggling to see profit as they do their 9-5 job, but the most amazing thing about them is that they never gave up. I’ve sat down with Kody ten times where she just refused to give up, same with Mikayla but they both never lost faith. Now, Kody managed to finance her own car and see consistent withdraws and Mikayla managed to produce over $1,000 a day by trading Tesla and cryptocurrency and I just have the highest level of gratitude for them. They are living epitomes of Never losing sight”

Some of the tips and bits of advice that Bolden always stresses to her mentees and aspiring investors are:

1) Don’t ever compare your success with others because the comparison is a thief of joy.

The more you compare with others; you won’t be truly happy or grateful for what you have because you’ll be waiting to be that person forever. Your level of goal and appreciation is always what matters.” Bolden explained.

2) Make sure that you have a credible mentor.

“Ask them what they’ve done and experienced and lost, a good mentor won’t hold back the truth from you. They’d be lying if they say they never lost a trade.” Bolden stated.

On the account of her second piece of advice, Bolden opened up about the time where she lost a trade because she was doing exactly what she doesn’t want her mentees to do from her first point: comparing results. “I have loaned a couple of trades in the past because I was extremely greedy and wasn’t using risk management,” Bolden said, “I wanted to be like everyone else – making money, but when simply money is your only goal, that is all you’re ever going to achieve.” Bolden stresses the importance of trading with a goal, “When you happen to trade on Monday and reach your goal on the same day, you don’t have to trade for the rest of the week or be attached to the charts. You can do other things with your time.”

With investing, Bolden reveals the three long-term goals that she wishes to achieve:

1) Establishing a black-owned engineering firm

2) Becoming an angel investor for black-owned businesses

3) Creating a nonprofit after school cares for students who are looking to learn about unique subjects such as engineering and medicine that are fun, educational, and affordable.

Through Bolden’s investing mentorship program, the system will make sure that you are learning the basics of trading such as determining market trends when to enter and exit a market, risk management, impact over income and many more.

The most unique aspect of Bolden’s mentorship is the family environment in the group. Bolden is very big on the family field and would even go from city to city for her mentees before the pandemic to make sure that they are learning something. She will not only keep track of her mentees’ financial wellness but also mental health. Bolden admits that she lives by Jackie Robinson’s words on the way she goes about her day as an entrepreneur, “My life is not important except for the impact it has on other lives.”

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