How Kyle Dendy Built a Million Dollar Agency

COVID-19 has negatively impacted many industries over the past year. Large-scale events like concerts and conferences are among the most affected sectors. Kyle Dendy, the founder of Dendy Ventures, is an entrepreneur who is a well-known public speaker and has restructured his business to create a multimillion-dollar agency for musicians and speakers.

Dendy was born in Dallas and recently moved to Los Angeles along with his wife. It didn’t ruin his life, but it was a huge motivator and made him mature for his age. His first venture into entrepreneurship was made in second grade. His Mum was talking to him in a restaurant when he mentioned the term “entrepreneur.” He described it as making something for yourself that people would be willing to pay for. Dendy thought immediately, “Why would anyone do that?” and set out to create his first business. It was a shoeshine business. He would go door-to-door–door asking people if they needed their shoes polished for PS20. Although it wasn’t much, this showed Dendy how you could make money by offering a service people are interested in.
Dendy entered high school full of ambition and drive, both academically as well as athletically. However, he was also driven by a tragedy that saw him undergo two operations that quickly shattered his dreams of becoming an athlete. He found the recording microphone he had bought years ago when he aspired to become a rapper while recovering from surgery. He began recording music while lying in bed. It was more of a slower, motivational style than traditional rap. These speeches were posted to Soundcloud, and people liked them. This was so natural that he decided to become a motivational speaker.

Dendy began to do more public speaking events and was soon traveling the country speaking at conferences and churches. Kanye West Sunday Service saw his talent, and Dendy ended up performing multiple engagements in front of over 15,000 people. He loved to speak and was making a good living doing it, but he wanted to make this a business. He began by writing a book called The Purpose playbook. Later, he offered courses on how to publish a book and how to write one. He also created a course about how to book speaking engagements. In the midst of all of this, just days after getting married, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. His studies took away his primary source income, but his speaking engagements were wholly cut off. He was again in a situation where he needed to get up and pivot.

Dendy thought of pivotal ways that didn’t require him to speak in public or meet people face-to-face. In the beginning, he showed people how to build their profiles, and over time, he started being contacted by businesses and well-known people. To make it a business, he set up Dendy Media, a PR company. He had believed for a long time that Google is the essential thing in the modern world. His firm was created to help people create a positive online image and build a commercial brand. Although he has made seven figures in sales since launching his business, he is still just getting started and has big plans to grow his business and help clients over the next few years.

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