The Rising Star of Red Dirt Sound: Jeremy Wayne McKern

Jeremy Wayne McKern, born in Philadelphia and now residing in Salem, Oregon, is making waves in the music industry. Although he grew up in the small town of Siletz, Oregon, Jeremy’s musical influence is vast, combining elements of Country, Rock, Folk, and Blues. If you’re a fan of authentic storytelling through music, then Jeremy Wayne McKern is an artist you need to know.

The Man Behind the Music: A Brief Introduction

“All my favorite artists and songs have a level of authenticity to their songs and their lyrics that can’t be duplicated. It is unique to each artist based on their experience, and I feel that is so powerful.”

Born as a “Navy Brat,” Jeremy’s life has been a whirlwind of experiences and locations. It’s evident that his diverse background has significantly influenced his music. From the age of 6, he was raised in a single-wide trailer in Oregon, absorbing the sounds of Kenny Rogers and The Beach Boys from his father’s record collection. Fast forward to the present, and Jeremy has turned those early influences into a musical style all his own. You can catch a glimpse of his life and work on his Instagram.

Jeremy Wayne McKern’s Unique Musical Style

What sets Jeremy Wayne McKern apart is his unique blend of genres. His music captures the essence of multiple musical styles, fitting generally into the “red dirt sound.” For those unfamiliar, red dirt is a music genre that combines the storytelling elements of Country, the energetic flair of Rock, the organic warmth of Folk, and the emotional depth of Blues.

“Our sound is a harmonious blend of Country, Rock, Folk, and Blues, resulting in a rich and distinctive sound that encapsulates the essence of multiple genres.”

His vocals, reminiscent of Chris Stapleton and Waylon Jennings, serve as the perfect vehicle for conveying the raw emotions and stories in his songs.

Music as Therapy

Jeremy’s journey into music was initiated as a therapeutic activity. Suffering from mental health issues after a challenging divorce, Jeremy turned to therapy. Journaling, a part of his therapeutic process, paved the way for songwriting. His songs aren’t just mere entertainment; they’re a way for him to connect authentically with his audience.

“The most rewarding experience in music is when your song touches the person who needs to hear it at that particular moment in time.”

Future Projects and Collaborations

While Jeremy Wayne McKern is still an independent artist, he’s planning to change that by collaborating with other singer-songwriters in future projects. Currently, his focus is on finishing and releasing his debut album, “Whiskey Bound,” a collection of songs touching upon various phases of his life.

A Message from Jeremy Wayne McKern

Jeremy sums it up best by stating that you’re not alone in your struggles. His music aims to provide a sense of solidarity and community, offering healing through authentic storytelling.

“Music has the ability to heal the soul and that is why I love it so much and will never quit writing and performing.”

For more on Jeremy Wayne McKern and his journey, check out his profile on Spotify and WithKoji.

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