The Remarkable Journey of Izmir Akhmedov: From Trucking to Towing

HAGERSTOWN, MD – In a bustling tow yard in Hagerstown, amidst the massive tow trucks and heavy wreckers, Izmir Akhmedov reflects on his inspiring journey to entrepreneurship. Founder of “Fix & Go LLC“, a rising force in the towing industry, Akhmedov’s story is a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering faith.

In 2014, the birth of his second son led Akhmedov away from a promising career in medicine and into the unpredictable world of business. To ensure his family’s financial well-being, Akhmedov founded a trucking company in Lancaster, PA. Despite long hours, sleepless nights, and juggling responsibilities of a new parent, Akhmedov pressed on.

His encounter with high truck maintenance bills sowed the seeds for “Fix & Go LLC”. Spotting a niche in truck repair and road assistance, Akhmedov, alongside his mechanic father, established their first service shop in Manheim, PA in 2015. By 2017, “Fix & Go LLC” was born.

The company quickly expanded, growing from a single service truck to a fleet of 10, including multiple heavy wreckers and a 75-ton articulating boom rotator. The growth didn’t stop there; with subsequent branches sprouting in Frederick, MD, Martinsburg, WV, and an upcoming location in Shippensburg, PA.

Akhmedov attributes his success to a simple mantra: never give up. Even when faced with skepticism from family and friends, he persevered. “I always knew that I had to work harder and move forward. Didn’t bother to bring in the negativity, always stayed focused and positive,” Akhmedov shared.

The company’s rapid success wasn’t universally celebrated. “Before I was nobody and now I am a threat to [competitors]. But now that I am influential in the area, they all want to be friends,” he added.

“Fix & Go LLC” sets itself apart with a dedication to customer service. Prioritizing clients like FedEx contractors and Amazon equipment, the company ensures quick turnaround times, understanding the value of every hour for its clientele. For a closer look into their world of towing, check out their Instagram page.

With plans to further expand and even franchise, Akhmedov’s journey is far from over. His advice to budding entrepreneurs? “Work hard, and the rest will follow. Don’t be afraid to try.”

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