The Pinnacle of Marketing: How Michael Dooley is Revolutionizing Automotive Marketing

At the age of 19, Michael Dooley, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Online Marketing, set foot in the auto industry. Navigating the sector like a natural, Dooley found success and advanced to dealership management by his mid-20s. Nevertheless, this budding entrepreneur soon realized that excelling at sales was not enough. Recognizing the need to secure a steady clientele for sustaining his income, he embarked on a journey to learn about marketing and brand building. This decision not only transformed his career but also revolutionized how automotive marketing is carried out today.

Fueled by a competitive spirit and a thirst for knowledge, Dooley pursued his newfound interest in marketing enthusiastically. His breakthrough occurred while inaugurating a luxury car dealership, where he utilized social media to share his daily commute story. His documentation of triumphs, challenges, and everyday experiences resonated with his audience and began attracting attention. Soon, these live videos started to “blow up,” and other dealerships began seeking advice.

Unknowingly, Dooley had kick-started a business. He found a niche, capitalizing on his personal brand and experience in the auto industry. What began as an ‘accident’ evolved into a successful venture, solidifying Dooley’s status as an authority in automotive lead generation and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) community.

His venture, Pinnacle Online Marketing, has since broadened its client base to nine countries. Despite its success, Dooley underscores the importance of remaining true to one’s unique journey, avoiding the pitfall of comparison. For him, success entails crafting a personal roadmap of achievable goals aligning with one’s ‘why’, rather than conforming to someone else’s.

However, Dooley’s journey hasn’t been without obstacles. His post-dealership life coincided with a tumultuous period in Australia, marked by bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of letting these challenges confine him, Dooley saw them as growth opportunities. He recognized the restrictive nature of focusing only on local clients and opted for a more global approach.

Yet, the secret to Pinnacle’s rapid expansion isn’t about securing the biggest clients, but about delivering value and solutions to individual clients, nurturing relationships at all levels. Dooley’s commitment to authenticity, evident in his portrayal as a friend, husband, and father alongside his CEO persona, fosters trust, fortifying client relationships.

Despite the demands of managing a flourishing business, Dooley gives priority to work-life balance, setting aside Sundays for family time. The gratitude he draws from these moments fuels his motivation and passion for his work. He also leads an excellent team at Pinnacle, which enables him to delegate tasks and concentrate on strategic planning and business expansion.

Looking ahead, Dooley’s plans are filled with ambition and innovation. He aims to make Pinnacle an ‘all-in-one’ solution for clients by continually enhancing their services and software. Personally, Dooley takes pleasure in serving as an outsourced CMO for various clients, providing a fresh perspective and global expertise to assist companies in scaling their marketing and sales strategies.

His advice to other budding entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: “Be genuine and really have a deep ‘why’ as to your purpose. Have a plan, small actionable goals, and execute.”

As Dooley continues to evolve his business and help his clients succeed, one thing is clear – his impact on the automotive marketing industry is here to stay.

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