The Art and Science of Marriage Coaching: By Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo and Dr. Gary Chapman

The Art and Science of Marriage Coaching: Insights from Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo and Dr. Gary Chapman

Marriage is a beautiful journey, but it can also be challenging. How do you navigate the complexities of this sacred union? Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo and Dr. Gary Chapman came together to shed light on “THE ART AND SCIENCE OF MARRIAGE COACHING,” providing invaluable wisdom and guidance to family life coaches across the globe.

Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo, lead coach of Love, Dating and Marriage Inc., renowned for his expertise in relationships and family life for over two decades, joined forces with Dr. Gary Chapman, bestselling author, speaker and marriage counsellor renowned for his groundbreaking work on The 5 Love languages. Together, they unraveled the intricacies of marriage coaching, combining years of research, experience and professional insights.

Attended by family life and relationship coaches from over 54 countries around the world, the session took a deep dive into addressing the relationship fundamentals that every practitioner should incorporate into their practice to enhance their expertise in guiding couples towards a happy and healthy marriage. Dr. Kingsley and Dr. Chapman emphasized on the importance of discovering your spouses’ love language in meeting their emotional needs which is crucial to achieving effective communication, emotional connection, and empathy in nurturing a lasting bond. Their combined wisdom bridges the gap between love and the practical strategies needed for relationship and family life coaches to adopt and also deploy in helping couples build thriving relationships.

The session revealed how crucial it is for family life practitioners to help individuals and couples not only discover their love language but also identify that of their spouses. This is because a huge chunk of marital issues stem from individuals inability to meet up with their spouse’s love language. Listening to your partner’s complaint will provide a good clue of what their love language is and this will range from acts of service to quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, and physical touch. 

A few questions family life practitioners and coaches should also prompt couples seeking to have a love-filled relationship to ask one another frequently is, “What can I do to help you? How can I make your life easier? How can I be a better wife/husband?

The impact of the session on relationships and marriages was profound as attendees experienced a mindset shift from being just recipients of love to people proactive about giving the right kind of love to their partners. Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo and Dr. Gary Chapman’s combination of over 65 years’ worth of experience, provided attendees with a comprehensive toolkit for success as professionals in the family life industry.  

Over the years, Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo through the Love, Dating, and Marriage Inc. (LDM) has provided relationship enriching resources and tools to equip coaches and couples through conferences, seminars, mentoring sessions and coaching academy. He has hosted several prominent relationship coaches at his mentoring sessions providing invaluable support to professionals at different stages of their practice while strengthening their professional prowess with the aim of restoring hope to thousands of marriages globally. He offers a holistic approach to relationship enrichment and this methodology has been adopted by numerous family life and relationship coaches globally.   


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