Teen Saves the Day After Bus Driver Faints

Dillon Reeves saved the day when he brought a bus to a safe halt after the driver fell unconscious. The driver of the bus, which was carrying nearly 70 students from Lois E. Carter middle school in Warren, passed out. Reeves was quick to act and stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road by using the handbrake. Video footage shows students screaming while Reeves controls the bus and shouts for someone to dial 911.

Authorities have praised Reeves for his bravery, as he avoided what could have become a tragic accident. Jonathan Lafferty, a Warren city councilor, praised the boy’s courage on Facebook and said that the city is “very proud” of him. Reeves was a 7th grade student on the bus at the time of the incident. Superintendent Robert Livernois stated that the district was “grateful that Dillon had the ability to react quickly and control the situation.”

This incident shows the importance of being prepared and thinking quickly in an emergency situation. Reeves used his quick thinking to stop the bus and prevent a catastrophic accident. The young boy’s bravery and courage has won him praise from all quarters.

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