Spiritual Warrior Survives Darkness, Emerges to Ignite Light

Like a lotus flower rising from muddy waters, High Priestess Molly Faith Shanks blossomed from two harrowing decades of abuse and injustice to become a passionate spiritual healer and guiding light for humanity.

Molly’s journey into darkness began with a life-altering car accident which left her with a broken back and cascading health challenges. Bedridden and dependent on potent medications, she made an ill-fated decision to marry an unstable and abusive alcoholic seeking to control her finances and quash her spirit.

“What followed was a chilling baptism by fire which tested my faith and nearly destroyed my life,” she recounts. “My husband subjected my young son and I to just about every kind of abuse – emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, and economic.

He attempted to turn my son against me by purchasing him expensive gifts and telling him lies about me. At one point, he slashed my son’s Volvo tires himself or hired someone to do it, in an attempt to intimidate us.”

According to Molly, her husband became a “Jekyll and Hyde” leading a double life to satisfy his insatiable addictions. “While charming to the outside world, behind closed doors he unleashed his pain by enacting cruelty upon us.”

When Molly developed strange symptoms – chronic nausea, tremors, asthma, and bleeding – doctors couldn’t identify the cause. She sought help from an Espirita Santera who revealed Molly was under a “death curse” placed by vengeful spirits from her bloodline.

By performing ceremonial offerings and initiations to honor her ancestral spirits and Orishas angels, Molly emerged from death’s suffocating grip. As her vitality returned, clarity arose – she needed to escape her dangerous marriage regardless of threats that her husband would kill her if she tried to leave.

With help from Domestic Abuse services, Molly secured a restraining order while her husband was at work to begin the divorce process and gain temporary custody of her son Ryan.  Although divorcing her increasingly vindictive husband resulted in losing their home, and assets and narrowly escaping his homicidal revenge, Molly gained what she treasures most – freedom.

Homeless, unemployed, and with ruined credit, Molly lacked resources but through grace retained priceless gifts – an unshakable faith in God and fierce devotion to protect her traumatized child. 

Guided on a profound spiritual journey to initiate as a Priestess Santera, Molly committed to ritual ceremonies welcoming ascended Earth spirits and Orishas angels as mentors to bless and direct her sacred work.

During her initiation year, while adhering to strict protocols of wearing all-white garments, Molly’s faith was tested yet again. She endured betrayal by friends and family, false romantic relationships meant to undermine her esteem and confidence, and sinister psychic attacks attempting to block her blessing as a spiritual healer.

“Despite profoundly dark days when everything was stripped away, my devotion gave me strength as the Orishas revealed I’m destined to be a sacred vessel for the Divine,” says Molly. 

Emerging as High Priestess Molly – crowned with her Spirit name Malcah meaning Queen – she has become a spiritual warrior and priestess healer walking between worlds to battle darkness and guide Earth’s children into the light.

Although Molly lives simply with her son Ryan focusing on business development rather than materialism, she feels divinely abundant and empowered with sacred wisdom to share.

“Through ritual offerings and sanctified products like spirit-infused gemstones and ancestor dolls, I can now help clients revitalize their energy, clarify life purpose, and protect themselves from psychic harm or sorcery,” she explains.

By courageously sharing her story and spiritual solutions on her new podcast “Faith Can Move Mountains”, Molly is determined to help free humanity from the shackles of fear and oppression by restoring faith in each soul’s sanctity and divine gifts waiting to be awakened.

“I’m living proof that the Creator can transform lives by spinning straw into gold, darkness into blinding light.  Miracles manifest every day for those trusting the Divine has their back,” she teaches. 

Through ritual and devotion, Molly has seen lost souls crushed by grief find hope again. By surrendering toxic burdens from the past, people discover their worth and reclaim their power to thrive.

According to Molly, loneliness surrenders to solitude as our eternal spark reconnects to Source energy. Vibrant health replaces illness when people nourish their body, mind, and soul through prayer, natural healing remedies, and a loving community.

Despair transforms into optimism as inner light casts shadows from our path so we can boldly step into our destiny without hesitation or regret.

“When you’ve endured terrifying storms like I have, you don’t sweat small things anymore,” Molly chuckles with tears suddenly rimming her eyes. “My faith gives me unshakable certainty that I’m safe and divinely guided. God always provides when I need it.

Does that mean no more challenges will arise? Not at all! But now I have spiritual tools plus the strength of spirit to transmute any negativity alchemically into growth and the greater good.”

Rather than harbor bitterness about her oppressive past, Molly feels gratitude for her initiation through fire. Her podcast shares riveting drama about her life plus profound spiritual lessons so others realize they too can awaken sacred purpose and manifest miracles.

“After barely surviving, I now relish everyday moments watching sunsets with my son, making offerings at our altar, infusing my jewelry with potent blessings, and helping new clients improve their lives,” she says with youthful optimism belying her 43 years. “Spiritually I have everything I need and more is coming all the time!”

By openly sharing her trauma recovery story combined with sacred wisdom and mystical tools, Molly Faith Shanks sets an empowering example that no matter how crushing life’s storms may be, there is light and love awaiting our discovery – especially in the darkness.

With unshakable faith in oneself and the Divine, one courageous woman survivor serves as a compelling reminder that miraculous transformation is always possible if we trust and believe.

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