Space of Grace Inc Hosts “Shining Light of Hope: A Night for Giving” Event

Creating Community, Inspiring Hope, and Breaking the Barriers For Mental Health Support

ACWORTH, GA, January 8, 2024  – Space of Grace Inc, founded by Just Jai Wear owner, Jai-Leta Colvard, is proud to present “Shining Light of Hope: A Night for Giving” on January 11, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at 3732 Cedarcrest Rd., Suite 104, Acworth, GA, 30101 hosted by the Torn Counseling and Recovery Center.

This special evening aims to inspire attendees through heartfelt speeches, moving performances, and interactive experiences, encouraging contributions to mental health assistance for those facing financial constraints.

“Shining Light of Hope” provides a platform for individuals to come together and explore ways to support mental health initiatives. Attendees will be immersed in an atmosphere of understanding, compassion, and community building. The event will feature engaging activities, creating an opportunity for participants to lend a helping hand.

Space of Grace Inc. is a mental health organization founded by Jai-Leta Colvard committed to providing resources and support for individuals dealing with anxiety and depression. Beyond physical health, the organization emphasizes building a supportive community.

Space of Grace offers a variety of tools, including the Space of Grace Grief Journal, a paperback mental health guide designed to help you embark on a 3-day journey of healing, self-reflection and emotional clarity. Attendees of “Shining Light of Hope” can use the grief journal to capture memories, learn valuable lessons, and cultivate love. Quotes and positive affirmations within the journal serve as reminders that they are not alone and are loved.

How to Contribute or Participate:

For those unable to attend the event, supporting Space of Grace Inc. is still possible. Visit or to donate or get involved. Contributions will directly impact the organization’s mission of providing mental health resources to those in need.

In a world where mental health awareness is crucial, “Shining Light of Hope: A Night for Giving” strives to create a space for healing, understanding, and community support. Join Space of Grace Inc. and Torn Counseling and Recovery Center on January 11th for an evening dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those facing mental health challenges.

About Jai-Leta Colvard and Just Jai Wear:

Jai-Leta Colvard is the founder and CEO of Just Jai Wear, a socially conscious brand committed to mental health advocacy and breast cancer awareness. Just Jai Wear aims to create awareness, provide support, and break down barriers surrounding mental health issues through stylish and purposeful athleisure wear. Through her various initiatives, Colvard continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals seeking mental health support. 

About Space of Grace:

Space of Grace is a mental health organization founded by Jai-Leta Colvard, dedicated to raising awareness and providing financial assistance for mental health support. Through its 90-day Grace program and invaluable resources, Space of Grace empowers individuals to seek the mental health care they need while alleviating the financial burdens often associated with it.

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