Sonia Zarbatany HELPS People Pivot Their Lives

Sonia Zarbatany is a world renowned life coach and business consultant who is passionate about helping men and women conquer their fears and control their destiny. Practical experience, prolific training and an unparalleled obsession to meet her clients’ needs are the basis of her life-transforming companies Le Tribe and Coach Sonia Inc.

In 2010, Sonia left a lucrative career in the fashion industry to follow her passion helping others find true purpose and meaning. Having trained under some prominent teachers like Tony Robbins, Landmark Training and others, Sonia first conquered her own limiting beliefs and found herself ready to impact the world. “I remember, my first speech on stage was at 25 years old, after that, I knew I had found my life purpose.” she recalls. Since then, Sonia has traveled the world speaking and coaching individuals to develop themselves and their businesses.

The unique aspect of Sonia is her approach to business. Sonia is not just an influencer or a speaker; she is also a successful entrepreneur who has developed a full consulting service agency. Based in Montreal, Canada consisting of Coach Sonia Academy which offers full coaching and consulting services to individuals and entrepreneurs around the world, as well as online courses. She is also owner of Le Tribe Media Agency which offers full content production from video to photography, drone to sound design, Le Tribe media is leading the social media content production space. Sonia’s team is obsessed with results and story-telling, always ready to strategize, plan and execute the next viral campaign for their clients.

Her recently launched “Pivot Your Business” course teaches her clients from vision to execution how to develop the proper mindset, skills and game plan to start or pivot the course of their business and life. “I help people shift through their limiting beliefs, define their happiness, and develop a plan to get to ACTION.” Whether a career professional, stay-at-home parent or an aspiring entrepreneur, Sonia’s coaching will enable you to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

So what is next for Sonia and Le Tribe Media? MORE! “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” she says, “but I am always hungry for more impact.” and that is precisely what she is looking to do. Her goal is to impact the world through her coaching. She is committed to spending her life helping others. If there is one thing you take away from her teaching it is that “Everything is available to you. You just need to go big and play all out.”

For more information on Sonia and her 14-day Pivot Your Business Online Course visit her website and

Also make sure to follow her on IG @soniazarbatany as she will inspire you on your daily journey!

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