Skilzar Featured in The US Times Discussing His New Music ‘Novacane

Lagos, Nigeria – Oluwaseun Olaegbe, better known by his stage name Skilzar, is capturing hearts as a rising artiste who wears multiple hats. Beyond his enchanting melodies, Skilzar is a tech entrepreneur, musician and visionary. With a strong foothold in both the music and tech worlds, he’s swiftly emerging as a dynamic force within the Nigerian entertainment industry.


Skilzar’s journey into music began as a heartfelt childhood connection, nurtured by the musical ambiance his parents created. Those formative years laid the foundation for his passion. His venture into songwriting took root during his final year of secondary school, signifying the inception of his artistic odyssey.


Hailing from Lagos, Skilzar’s melodic prowess is matched by his technical acumen. As a Google-trained Digital Media Specialist and a graduate of Harvard’s prestigious computer programming program, he’s the mastermind behind Skilzar Digital, a flourishing digital media enterprise. Notably, he’s also the driving force behind Yessiey Magazine, showcasing his multifaceted talents.


“Balancing my tech-driven business and music was challenging initially,” Skilzar admits, reflecting on his transformative journey. “I had to temporarily set music aside to acquire the tech skills necessary for building my business. However, as time progressed, I found my equilibrium. Music flows effortlessly, serving as a retreat from the demands of tech. While music comes naturally, technology demands conscious effort. Thus, during moments of tech-induced stress, I turn to music for solace.”


Skilzar’s latest musical creation, “Novacane,” embodies his commitment to infusing positivity into a world grappling with global uncertainties. In an interview, he expressed his motivation, saying, “I yearned to craft a harmonious and rhythmic composition, offering solace in these challenging times of global inflation and hardship. ‘Novacane’ is precisely that comforting melody – an escape from pain that my people need, much like the namesake painkiller.”


When questioned about his innovative process, the prodigious young luminary shared insights into his artistic mindset. “My creative space is boundless,” he revealed with a smile. “I let my mind and heart wander freely, embracing the flow of artistic expression. Whether penning lyrics or conceptualizing digital marvels, I am in perpetual motion. Artistry defines me; I am art.”


Skilzar’s journey intertwines melody and technology, harmonizing his passion for music with his technological finesse. As he continues to ascend the ladder of success, his unique fusion of art and innovation promises a symphonic future that resonates with audiences worldwide. In an industry often divided between tradition and modernity, Skilzar serves as a bridge, unifying the soulful rhythms of music with the dynamic pulse of technology.


In a world where boundaries are fluid, Skilzar’s story echoes the power of embracing diverse passions. As the sun sets on today’s challenges and rises on tomorrow’s possibilities, one thing remains certain – Skilzar’s star is on the ascent, illuminating both the world of music and the realm of technology with his boundless brilliance.

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