RKY Careers CEO Rukayat Alabi’s solution to Immigrants Struggles and Career Success


Rukayat Alabi’s journey from banking to tech, culminating in the establishment of RKY Careers, mirrors her commitment to empowering professionals. With a master’s in financial technology and a decade of industry experience, she pioneers career growth initiatives, infusing tech to drive transformative change.

1.​Take us through your illustrious career path.

I started my career as an executive trainee in Guaranty Trust Bank over 10 years ago. I amassed a wealth of experience across Customer Service, Transaction Services, Operations Management, Risk Management, Management Reporting, Financial Technology and Financial Planning and Analysis.

In 2019, my quest for career development and a thirst to further develop my tech skills led me to pursue a master’s in financial technology in the UK 2019, where I bagged a Distinction. My previous experience and newly acquired in-demand skills, among other factors, led to securing a role as a Senior Finance Analyst at Vanquis Bank, nestled in the heart of London.

My career journey into tech after a decade of experience in finance and banking is the inspiration behind the birth of RKY Careers. My journey, navigating the UK job market and the world of technology, birthed RKY Careers,  which has helped over 1000+ candidates land their desired jobs in the UK and other global markets.

  1. Share with us what informed your passion for empowering people in the diaspora with the right skill set to thrive.

My passion for empowering people in the diaspora spurned out of my experience navigating the UK job market as a new immigrant a few years back. You know the saying, “You can’t understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. My experience navigating the job market and years of research inspired the birth of RKY Careers, where we have continually debunked myths that immigrants can only settle for menial jobs. RKY Careers emerged as a conduit to facilitate smoother transitions for immigrants in the global job market, ensuring they are well-positioned to secure desirable positions and flourish therein. The ripple effect of our endeavours has been nothing short of transformative, rendering a renewed sense of hope and a tangible pathway to success for many.

3.​ What has been your driving force over the years?

My Driving force is the profound impact RKY Careers has on people’s lives. The cascade of positive feedback, the narratives of lives changed, and the evident societal contributions of our beneficiaries are the fuel that propels my drive to broaden our reach and deepen our impact.

  1. What is your take on the japa syndrome in full gear now?

The Japa Syndrome has been influenced by a combination of multiple factors, one of which is the macroeconomic landscape of Nigeria, which was also matched by a growing need for skilled talent by the Western countries (UK, Canada, Australia, etc..), which we have in abundance. But you know, it wasn’t only Nigerians that were emigrating in full force. Youths from China, India, and some other African countries also leave their countries astonishingly.

What stood out about the current japa wave has been the ability of immigrants to settle into well-paying jobs and not settle for less. There is usually this myth about immigrants not being able to compete for and secure professional jobs and only paying for menial employment just because of their lack of confidence and exposure to opportunities that abound. RKY Careers has successfully supported many of the Japa community to secure their dream jobs and navigate the global job market. The key lesson for the japa wave would be the importance of staying ready, skilled and equipped with in-demand skills to help us explore opportunities beyond our current location.

  1. Through your organization, how are you infusing tech to drive career growth? How well are people embracing it?

At the helm of an ed-tech company, I have coached 1000+ candidates to embrace tech, transition to tech roles and acquire in-demand tech skills to elevate their careers and land their desired jobs. Technology integration into our career support services. RKY Careers is at the forefront of nurturing tech-adept professionals ready to surmount the challenges of the digital age.

6.​ What is your take on women and their financial literacy awareness?

Financial Inclusion is a topic I am passionate about, particularly for women, because societal norms and systemic barriers have often relegated women to the periphery of financial decision-making. A pivotal step to supporting women’s financial inclusion is through education. Empowering women through financial education heralds economic self-sufficiency and contributes to broader economic prosperity and social equity. RKY Careers, while primarily focused on career development, aligns with the ethos of promoting financial literacy as a cornerstone of holistic professional and personal growth and has supported several initiatives focused on empowering women and increasing financial literacy.


7. Share with us some of your activities towards helping international professionals realize their full potential.

The ambit of our services at RKY Careers extends beyond mere job placements. Through RKY Careers, her brainchild, Rukayat, is transforming lives by equipping immigrants with the skills needed to excel in the tech-driven job market.

She recognizes that many individuals are eager to embrace tech opportunities but may lack the guidance, training, and practical experience to do so effectively.

“My greatest achievement is empowering immigrants abroad to aim higher,” Rukayat shares. “My joy knows no bounds when people who thought they were not good enough come back to share success stories of getting Six figures jobs, visa sponsorship jobs and jobs across borders .” We are engrossed in a holistic approach to career development, offering an array of training bootcamps and career transition programs. Our recent foray into the North American market exemplifies our unwavering commitment to rendering our impactful services globally, contributing to a global community of well-rounded, adept professionals.

8.​ What have been your challenges in the cause of your work?

The path of making a significant impact is seldom without its challenges. In our work, we’ve navigated a spectrum of hurdles, ranging from understanding and adapting to the diverse cultural nuances of our clientele to ensuring our services remain accessible and effective in the ever-evolving job market landscape. Maintaining a high level of personalized service amidst a growing client base has also been a nuanced challenge. Yet, with each obstacle, we’ve gleaned insights that have been instrumental in refining our approach and enhancing the quality of our offerings. The feedback loop between challenges faced and improvements made has been a rich source of learning and growth for me and the entire team at RKY Careers.

9.​ In your expertise, how can the nation drive financial inclusion and create social economic opportunities, especially for women?

Financial inclusion necessitates a synergy between policy reforms, education, and supportive ecosystems. Policies should foster easy access to financial services, particularly for women, aiding in breaking traditional barriers. Education is pivotal, emphasizing financial literacy to enable informed financial decisions. Establishing supportive ecosystems that promote entrepreneurship and provide credit access and mentorship, especially for women, is crucial. These tailored initiatives can usher in an era of financial autonomy and entrepreneurship, driving economic equity. Together, these elements can significantly propel the nation towards enhanced financial inclusion, creating a foundation for sustainable economic growth and societal prosperity.

10.​ What advice do you have for women who struggle with getting a hold of their career?

As a Career Woman, Business Owner and Mum myself, I can relate to the struggle to juggle Motherhood, Work, Business and other Life pursuits, especially in the diaspora, where the structure is more of a yourself (DIY). The trajectory towards career fulfilment may be laden with hurdles, yet with the right blend of resilience, continuous learning, and a robust support network, the zenith is attainable. I urge women to seek mentorship, embrace a lifelong learning ethos, and cultivate a network of like-minded professionals. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint; every experience, good or bad, is a mile marker on your journey to success.

What is your life mantra?

In adversity lies the seed of growth.” This mantra resonates with my personal and professional journey, epitomizing the essence of facing challenges head-on and emerging stronger, wiser, and more impactful. Each challenge is a precursor to a milestone waiting to be achieved.


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