Revolutionizing Wellness and Business Growth through Transformational Retreats

From orchestrating picturesque weddings to designing transformative retreats that redefine personal and professional growth, Leni Cavazos, the visionary founder of The Retreat Planner, has become a distinguished figure in the realms of wellness and entrepreneurship. With a vibrant career that spans across diverse cultures and industries, Cavazos is now recognized as a trailblazer helping coaches, consultants, and experts turn their passions into prosperous six-figure businesses through the strategic integration of impactful retreats.

Raised in the culturally rich landscapes of Mexico and later refining her craft under the dynamic skyline of Dubai, Cavazos has not only amassed extensive experience but has also garnered a plethora of prestigious awards including the Marriott Global and Regional Elite Awards for her exceptional contributions to loyalty programs across the Middle East and Africa. Her knack for creating memorable and successful events was further recognized when she received accolades for the “Best Hotel Loyalty Program in the Middle East” at the 2019 Business Traveler Middle East Awards.

The pivot point in Cavazos’s career came during a personal crisis, which led her to discover the healing power of retreats. This profound experience not only revitalized her spirit but also reshaped her professional path. Witnessing many retreats struggling to turn a profit and operate strategically, she saw a golden opportunity to blend her expertise in event planning with her passion for transformative experiences, thus founding The Retreat Planner. Here, she employs her signature Epic Retreat Realization Method—a bespoke approach that ensures each retreat is not just an event, but a pivotal experience that enhances both personal well-being and business acumen.

Throughout her career, Cavazos has had the honor of collaborating with renowned figures such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gurmukh, and Xuan Lan, organizing events in some of the world’s most energetic and inspiring locales. Her work is driven by the philosophy that merging business with personal development through retreats not only fosters deep connections and loyalty but also catalyzes substantial financial growth and brand visibility.

One of the most formidable challenges Cavazos faced was the daunting task of putting herself and her vision out into the world—an endeavor that demanded not only immense bravery but also a strong belief in the value of her services. She champions the idea that spiritual and personal growth industries deserve to be financially rewarding for those who are dedicated to helping others transform their lives. Her journey is a testament to overcoming doubt and insecurity, proving that personal authenticity and professional perseverance can indeed coexist and flourish.

Leni Cavazos is more than just a businesswoman; she is a visionary who sees beyond the conventional boundaries of entrepreneurship and wellness. Looking ahead, she envisions expanding her brand to include a comprehensive one-year mastermind for retreat creators, a licensing product for retreat centers, and a facilitator program that trains others to become successful retreat planners. Her goal is to not only expand her own business but to empower others to create healing and profitable retreat-centered enterprises.

This focus on holistic success is what Cavazos hopes to highlight through her press engagements. She aims to illustrate how her rich background and unique business model provide a robust foundation for others to build upon, encouraging a shift from traditional business methods to ones that embrace deeper human connections and transformative experiences.

As the world of wellness continues to evolve, Leni Cavazos stands at the forefront, crafting pathways that invite others to explore the synergy between achieving financial success and fostering personal growth. Her story is not just about building a thriving business but about creating a life that continuously celebrates and supports the journey towards personal fulfillment and professional excellence.

In a rapidly changing economic landscape, Cavazos’s approach offers a refreshing and deeply needed perspective on how businesses can thrive by genuinely serving their communities and honoring the human spirit. With each retreat planned and each life touched, Leni Cavazos is not just planning events; she’s shaping the future of how we think about work, wellness, and the art of living well.

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