Revolutionizing Land Development: Ryan Basnaw and Axsus Civil Development Co

Breaking Away from the Conventional

For Ryan Basnaw, founder of Axsus Civil Development Co., the path to entrepreneurship wasn’t just a choice; it was a necessity. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering at 20, Basnaw quickly realized the traditional career trajectory wasn’t for him. “I saw my earning potential was going to be capped more or less in five years,” Ryan shared, sparking his decision to escape the 9-5 lifestyle and delve into the world of entrepreneurship.


Finding Opportunities in Forest Health and Land Development

At 22, Ryan discovered a landowner assistance program through Washington State, designed to engage private landowners in forest health improvement to reduce wildfire risk. Seizing this opportunity, Ryan invested in the necessary equipment, offering his services for free to landowners. This venture led him to various contracting services related to land development. After four successful years, Ryan was ready for more. In the fall of 2022, he embarked on mergers and acquisitions within the contracting space, a move that led to his first company acquisition and the ongoing expansion of Axsus Civil Development Co.


Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Milestones

The journey wasn’t without its hurdles. “Finding people to trust and being a young entrepreneur in the contracting business was difficult,” Ryan explained. However, his persistence and commitment to delivering quality work gained him respect in the industry. Another significant milestone was navigating his first business acquisition, a challenging process that involved multiple potential deals and finding the right bank willing to support the venture.


The Philosophy Driving Success

Ryan Basnaw’s entrepreneurial mindset is clear: “There is no secret formula to success. It’s a math equation that uses hard work as the input.” His leadership style emphasizes delegation and managing conflict effectively, ensuring a respectful and cohesive team environment. Axsus Civil Development Co. caters primarily to commercial and residential land developers, offering comprehensive services from initial clearing to preparing sites for foundation laying.


Future Aspirations and Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Looking ahead, Ryan plans to continue strategic acquisitions within blue-collar industries, aiming to consolidate related companies for a future sale to a private equity firm. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is grounded in realism and the value of networking: “Quit hanging out with losers. Go to places where successful people hang out, like golf courses and cigar clubs.”


Engaging with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Ryan’s active involvement in networking groups has not only connected him with mentors but has also allowed him to give back to the community by supporting emerging entrepreneurs.

For those inspired by Ryan’s story or interested in learning more about Axsus Civil Development Co., you can follow him on Instagram at @rbaznaw and explore business opportunities or collaborations.

As Ryan Basnaw and Axsus Civil Development Co. continue to innovate and expand in the field of land development, they exemplify the transformative power of vision, hard work, and strategic planning in entrepreneurship.

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