Revohloo: Industry Expert Big Percy On-Board to Grow Music Video Remix App

Revohloo Inc., a groundbreaking music video platform, is shaking up the industry with its innovative features and commitment to empowering artists and fans alike. Now, they’re thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with industry veteran Damien “Bigg Percy” Roderick, who joins Revohloo as President of Marketing.

About Bigg Percy (President of Marketing, Revohloo)

Hailing from Pomona, California, Damien “Bigg Percy” Roderick has been a driving force in the entertainment industry for decades. As the CEO of Roderick Music Marketing (RMM), established in 1991, he specializes in brand development, marketing, and securing sponsorships for some of the industry’s biggest music artists, athletes, and personalities.

Bigg Percy’s Impact: A Powerful Collaboration for the Future

Bigg Percy’s deep-rooted passion for music and decades of experience in entertainment marketing make him a perfect fit for Revohloo.  He has a proven track record of securing multimillion-dollar deals and collaborating with iconic artists like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Wiz Khalifah, The Dogg Pound, French Montana, Paris Hilton, Ja Rule, Bow Wow, Ray J, and many well-known entertainers. RMM has collaborated on countless movies, TV, and sports endeavors, including introducing small businesses into the mainstream. Bigg Percy thrives on bringing diverse talents together to create impactful campaigns and events.

Leveraging Bigg Percy’s industry connections, Revohloo Inc. and RMM are in talks to develop content for RevohlooTV, the platform’s live-streaming offering. This collaboration has the potential to unlock even more revenue streams for both companies and further solidify Revohloo’s position as a leader in the music video revolution and social media.

More Than Just Watching: Redefining Content Experiences

Revohloo, amplified by Big Percy’s marketing expertise, goes beyond traditional video consumption, offering a revolutionary platform for creators and brands alike.  Through their cutting-edge technology, anyone can create interactive experiences that audiences can remix and personalize. This fosters unprecedented content diversity, deeper audience engagement, and the potential for exciting new revenue streams for creators and brands.

Empowering Artists: 100% Net Standard Music Video Revenue

Revohloo prioritizes artists’ and rights holders’ success by offering 100% of net ad revenue for Standard Music Videos (SMVs) and 50% of the gross revenue for all Revohloo Music Videos created for their platform. Revohloo Inc. is committed to ensuring artists as well as rights holders are fairly compensated for their work.

Breaking Talent: A Platform Built for Independent Artists

Revohloo, along with Bigg Percy’s guidance and proven reputation as a Connector, remains dedicated to discovering and nurturing independent artists. Through talent scouting initiatives for labels and top producers, they provide emerging artists with the tools and resources needed to succeed on a global scale.

Engaging Deeper: Real-Time Video Comments and Live Interactions

Revohloo goes beyond traditional video consumption by fostering a dynamic social experience unlike any other. Their patent-pending Reel Comments technology empowers real-time interaction, allowing viewers to engage directly with creators and brands through comments and replies. This fosters a deeper connection between audiences and the content they love while providing valuable insights for brands seeking to connect with their target market.

Revohloo Inc. goes beyond music videos to revolutionize how people experience all forms of content.  Music fans, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys interactive experiences can find something engaging on Revohloo. The platform empowers creators of all types to connect with their audiences in a more meaningful way, while viewers can enjoy a truly interactive and engaging experience.


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