Rejuve+: Pioneering the Future of Holistic Wellness

At the crossroads of scientific curiosity and entrepreneurial drive, Rejuve+ stands out as a beacon in the health supplement industry.

This burgeoning brand represents a harmonious synergy of deep-rooted knowledge in botany and human biology with a modern, global business approach. 

Rejuve+: At a Glance

Rejuve+ is a global health supplement brand focused on optimizing human energy and well-being through cutting-edge research. NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide), is renowned for its role in various biological processes, notably energy metabolism.

Therefore, NMN is a centerpiece of our product line, as it showcases the brand’s commitment to enhancing vitality and supporting the body’s intrinsic functions at a cellular level.

The Genesis

The company was founded by Oakley Chan, a talented entrepreneur and scholar in Botany and Human Biology. Being fixated on NMN and the human body, Oakley began utilizing his knowledge, network, and experience as an Entrepreneur to create the globally recognized brand, Rejuve+.

Through networking, a former classmate who was deeply engaged in research on NMN provided key information to this central element, which has become one of the forefronts of the brand’s offerings today.

How Rejuve+ Works

NAD+ is a crucial molecule for myriad biological processes in our body. Rejuve+ explores the potential of this molecule, by offering supplements that support and enhance energy metabolism.

This focus ultimately leads to formulations that result in users experiencing consistent increases in energy levels.

Rejuve+ Benefits

Enhanced Energy Levels: Aiding in effective energy metabolism, it ensures users are fueled throughout the day.

Scientifically Backed: Grounded in robust research, its efficacy is well-documented and endorsed.

For All Ages: A supplement range catering to diverse age groups, challenging industry stereotypes.

Quality Assured: In a market inundated with supplements, Rejuve+ stands tall, ensuring tested quality with each offering.

Rejuve+ Certifications: 

GMP Certified Production Facility: Adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices ensures quality production.

3rd-Party Lab Tested Worldwide: Reassurance of product consistency and reliability across batches.

FDA Registered Production Facility: Aligning with stringent FDA guidelines for safety and integrity.

Made In Canada: Proudly produced in the pristine facilities of Canada.

Hong Kong STC Certified: Meeting international standards and recognized by Hong Kong STC.

Rejuve+ Product Highlights:


Backed by Science: Rejuve+ Health Products rely on current, peer-reviewed scientific research, optimizing the impact of NMN supplements.

Uncompromised Quality & Purity: Capsules are designed with 350mg of stabilized NMN, crafted in a GMP-compliant Canadian facility. 

Third-Party Lab Tested: Certified laboratories independently verify the substance, purity, and safety of each NMN production batch. Tested at 99.99% purity

Proven Ingredients: NMN supplements incorporate top-tier ingredients in optimal doses to ensure effective absorption—all substantiated by science.

Rejuve+ Founder

Oakley Chan, the visionary behind Rejuve+, is a living testament to the notion that our past experiences, no matter how divergent, can lead us to our true calling.

Having varied commercial experiences with international business, and the high demands of entrepreneurship, exploring health and biological improvement was a natural progression in his career.

Particularly because of the passion behind improving well-being and mitigating the negative effects related to aging.

Oakley’s Insights

In the fast-evolving business landscape, staying receptive to emerging trends, technologies, and customer preferences is paramount,” Oakley often emphasizes.

His belief in building a robust professional network, coupled with collaborations with visionaries and mentors, has been a cornerstone in the brand’s evolution.

Why Try Rejuve+

Rejuve+ is not just another supplement—it is a paradigm shift in holistic wellness. Rejuve+ offers a clear, scientifically backed choice while encompassing a healthy lifestyle.

Each product is a testament to our vision – one of holistic wellness grounded in research. With such a vast array of different supplements and products that claim to enhance energy levels and support overall better health in the market, it is difficult for users to verify and trust. However, through our scientific approach and numerous testimonials, trust is undebatable with Rejuve+. 


In a world where wellness often intertwines with trends and fads, we offer a refreshing, science-based approach.

Led by our vision, and backed by rigorous research, we strive to become the forefront brand in natural health supplements. The future is bright, and we look to continue improving the health and well-being of the world. 

For more insights and offerings, visit Rejuve+.

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