Purrs and Productivity: Celebrating Hug Your Cat Day as an Entrepreneur

How Tito and Chewy Help Saray Balance Business, Family, and Feline Fun

June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day, a perfect occasion to celebrate the special bond between humans and their feline friends. Saray, a successful Latina entrepreneur and award-winning photographer, shares her heartwarming story of adopting her tabby orange cat, Tito, during the pandemic and how he has become an integral part of her family. Here, she answers some questions about Tito and offers tips for fellow cat lovers.

Q: How did you come to adopt Tito?

A: We adopted Tito during the middle of the pandemic from Happy Paws Kitten Rescue https://www.happypawskittenrescue.org/. This wonderful organization places cats and kittens out of shelters into foster homes. Tito’s foster parent wrote a heartfelt message about Tito that immediately resonated with me: “Tito adores belly rubs! 10/10 cuddles! He is a very friendly kitty who loves playing. He enjoys belly rubs and purrs very loudly for all pets. Tito is litter trained, and his foster home has adult cats and dogs, and he does well with them.” I knew right away he was the perfect cat for our family because we all love hugs!

Q: What unique qualities does Tito have?

A: Tito is an incredibly smart and affectionate kitty. I’ve trained him to do tricks for treats, and he understands and obeys three commands in both English and Spanish: come, sit, and paw. He’s an amazing emotional support companion—his purrs and cuddles always make me feel better, especially during the rollercoasters of life as an entrepreneur, mom, and wife. Tito also loves laying on top of my sauna blanket, enjoying the benefits of infrared sauna. Plus, we both have freckles on our noses, which I absolutely adore.

Q: How does Tito fit into your family life?

A: Tito is very in tune with our emotions. Whenever my daughter has had a tough day, he goes to her room and sits right next to her until she’s ready to come out. When I pull all-nighters for work, he’s right there by my side. He even senses when my anxiety is rising and comes to comfort me. One time, I had a bad dream about my grandma and woke up crying; Tito came to my bedroom, woke me up, and stayed with me until I calmed down. He’s truly more than just a cat—he’s an angel in our lives.

Q: What role does Chewy play in Tito’s care?

A: Chewy has been a fantastic service for us. Their subscription means Tito’s food and treats are delivered right to our door, which is one less trip to the grocery store for me. Tito loves playing with the Chewy box, and we always look forward to the birthday card they send him every year. It’s a reminder of how blessed we are to have him in our family.

Q: Can you share some tips for other cat owners?

A: Absolutely! Here are my top three tips:

  1. Engage and Train: Spend time training your cat. It’s a great way to bond and stimulate their minds. Start with simple commands and use treats as rewards.
  2. Create Comforting Spaces: Make sure your cat has cozy and safe spaces to relax. Tito loves his cat condo which is his special spot because he sits up high.
  3. Regular Health Checkups and Nutrition: Use services like Chewy to ensure your pet’s nutritional needs are met without the hassle. Regular vet checkups are also crucial to keep them healthy.

Q: How has Tito influenced your work, especially your coaching business?

A: Tito has been a wonderful source of comfort and inspiration. When I was recording my course for photographers, I struggled to warm up to the camera. The crew had the idea to print photos of my daughter and Tito and place them around the camera lens. It worked like a charm! Now, through my website Take Action with Saray, (takeactionwithsaray.com) I mentor photographers who want to reclaim their time, make money doing what they love, and have more free time to spend with their loved ones and fur babies. Who knows, you might even have enough time to train your cat to do tricks like Tito!

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: I can’t thank Happy Paws Kitten Rescue enough for bringing Tito into our lives. Their dedication to placing cats in loving homes is truly admirable. If you have it in your heart to make a donation, please consider supporting this wonderful cause directly on their website. Foster parents are volunteers, and you can donate either adoption fees or money toward formula, food, and vet bills using the QR codes provided on their site. Your contribution can make a huge difference in the lives of these precious kittens.

And I can’t forget to mention Chewy. Their service has made caring for Tito so convenient and stress-free. With food and treats delivered right to our door, and the thoughtful touch of a birthday card every year, Chewy has truly made pet care a breeze. Both Happy Paws Kitten Rescue and Chewy have significantly impacted our lives in the best way possible, and I am incredibly grateful for their support.

On this Hug Your Cat Day, Saray celebrates not just Tito but all the cats who bring joy and comfort to their owners. Tito is a cherished member of her family, and his story is a testament to the love and support that pets provide. So, give your furry friend an extra hug today and appreciate the special bond you share. Happy Hug Your Cat Day!

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