PPCM Fund Inc. On A Mission To Stop Maternal Mortality

Lindsay Peterson-Staloff , founder of PPCM FUND,  is on a mission to end Maternal Mortality.  The Painful Truth, a compelling tale of one woman’s battle against a silent killer, follows PPCM survivor Lindsay Peterson Staloff as she strives to make sense of the disease that came perilously close to taking her life.

“It was incredibly frustrating; I wanted to be the pregnant woman that would go from a yoga class straight to the delivery room. Unfortunately, until you experience pregnancy complications, you can’t imagine how difficult it is,” PPCM Fund founder Lindsay Peterson Staloff says of her near-death experience.

In February 2020, the Today Show interviewed me regarding my personal experiences with PPCM and my efforts to educate parents and medical professionals about this deadly disease. A few days later, the Today Show also aired an interview with a medical team from the University of Pennsylvania about PPCM. As you were one of the people interviewed, I am also interested in speaking with you about PPCM. I believe my viewers would appreciate seeing PPCM from the perspective of not only a medical professional but a survivor as well.

Three months after her son was born, after suffering three consecutive cardiac arrests within 24 hours, Staloff was diagnosed with PPCM or Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. Treatment required her to spend time in a hypothermic coma and led doctors to implant a defibrillator. 

“It took me almost dying to learn about PPCM. It’s a young person’s disease, and deaths due to are PPCM are easily preventable with early diagnosis, yet few women have ever heard of it. I like to say, “Awareness Day is every day” because education and awareness are all it takes to save lives,” says Lindsay.

Join Lindsay and her team as they interview doctors, PPCM survivors, and the family members of mothers that lost their lives to this treatable illness as they work on getting mandatory testing for PPCM before and after delivery.

The Painful Truth: The US’s Epidemic of Preventable Maternal Deaths opens February 14th, 2022, on Amazon and YouTube.

You can learn more about PPCM at ppcmfund.com 

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