Personal Branding Strategist Shonda Smith Inspiring Entrepreneurs Worldwide With Her Story!

By Industry 28 Spa & Suites’ Owner, Shonda Smith 

Shonda Smith, the visionary behind The Snow Effect, is affectionately known to family, friends and colleagues as simply Snow. Whether in heels signing deals and contracts, or in medical scrubs administering spa services, The Snow Effect is easily  recognized in Atlanta by her platinum blonde coils, magnetic energy and no-nonsense demeanor. Through The Snow Effect, Snow has amassed a hefty six figures, post COVID with her med spa, Industry 28 Spa & Suites, while simultaneously providing business coaching to other up and coming female entrepreneurs. 

Backing up to the 1980s, Snow’s journey begins in Franklin, Louisiana, a small town that inspired her to be anything but small. Accordingly, Snow attended Clark Atlanta University and graduated with a psychology degree in 2015. However, when Snow was laid off two years later from her job in corporate America, she decided to never allow someone else to determine her income again.  

Humbling herself, Snow returned to her lash technician/friend in hopes of getting another lesson in how to apply eyelashes. Initially unenthused with the time consuming nature of eyelash application, Snow’s back was against the wall, and she was determined to make profits this time around. Snow rented a private lash studio and committed to improving her technique, mastering her customer skills and building a healthy clientele. Her commitment worked so well, when COVID-19 forced most businesses to close, The Snow Effect scaled and expanded. “I started with eyelash extensions, and then we began providing facials, body contouring services, cellulite reduction, body wraps, lymphatic drainage, non-invasive lipo, v-steaming, waxing, and teeth whitening. We even offered business training as apart of our Industry 28 Academy. The business grew so fast, we added several lines of beauty and intimate products to allow our clients to stay connected with The Snow Effect between spa visits,” says Snow. 

Snow’s clientele remained loyal, continuing to invest in beauty products and self-care throughout the quarantine causing The Snow Effect to experience unfathomable success even during a global pandemic. “Once we updated our online ordering systems, and implemented in-suite safety precautions like wearing masks in common spaces and requiring temperature checks upon entrance, we found that our ladies preferred our innovative approach to luxury beauty, post quarantine. 

Today, at Industry 28 Spa & Suites, Snow and her team is able to offer formula-true beauty products, one on one spa services, state of the art technology for body contouring and a medical director specifically designated to administer a variety of medical spa services. Industry 28 Spa & Suites is a member of the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce and Atlanta Better Business Bureau. Snow’s passion for entrepreneurship extends beyond her own business into her non profit organization, Industry 28 Cares Inc., which she founded with her husband Kendrick Smith in 2020. Through Industry 28 Cares, Inc., Snow and Kendrick have provided business guidance and resources for hundreds of women. 

Additionally, Industry 28 Cares’ mission is to give back to the youth in the community so that they can have multiple opportunities to acquire education, training, life skills development, and to succeed in jobs, careers, self-sufficiency, and adulthood. In doing so, we have several youth programs available for the youth to thrive in throughout all phases of development of life. This isn’t just for underprivileged youth, we are here to assist all youth in the community to assure that they get the best mentoring support as possible from the community. 

Snow, and The Snow Effect is supported by her husband, their children and a great deal of Gwinnett County community leaders. Between her family, career, non-profit organization involvement and sitting on the W.E.C.A. Board as the treasurer, Snow is excited to be far removed from her days in human resources. Yet, she continues to look out for people, both inside and out. 

Most days you can find Snow at Industry 28 Spa & Suites available for spa services, but to book her as speaker for your next event, or to attend an upcoming personal branding or empowerment event hosted by The Snow Effect, visit online. In between time, stay connected to Snow, The Snow Effect and Industry 28 Spa & Suites on Instagram (@industry28spa and @thesnoweffect) for updates, specials and event announcements. 

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