Passing the Torch: The Dedication of a Son in India’s Next Generation

Bangalore, IndiaThe Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced the nomination of Katta Jagadish Naidu to contest from the Hebbal constituency in Bangalore. Katta Jagadish Naidu is the son of former minister and senior BJP leader Katta Subramanya Naidu, who during his tenure as IT minister, pioneered in designing AHEAD (Agenda for Hebbal Development) and drew a roadmap for developing the constituency.

Katta Subramanya Naidu was instrumental in the development of streetlights, water pipelines, parks, infrastructure, and organized 5000 houses for the poor in Hebbal. The party believes that his son’s candidature is meritorious given his father’s contributions to the constituency’s growth and development.

Katta Jagadish Naidu is a promising candidate with a deep understanding of the issues facing Hebbal, a passion for its development, and the leadership qualities required to make a difference. His nomination has been received positively by the people of Hebbal, who are eagerly looking forward to supporting him in the upcoming elections.

Expressing his gratitude for the nomination, Katta Jagadish Naidu said, “I am humbled by the BJP‘s decision to nominate me from the Hebbal constituency. I am committed to continuing my father’s legacy of development and ensuring that Hebbal reaches new heights.”

The BJP is confident that Katta Jagadish Naidu‘s candidature will resonate with the voters of Hebbal, and his leadership will help the constituency achieve greater heights. The party is committed to working towards the overall development of Hebbal and the state of Karnataka.

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