Ozzin Jun: A Remarkable Journey to Impacting Lives and Transforming theWorld Through Entrepreneurship

The inspiring story of Ozzin Jun, founder of Jun International Coaching and Your Universal Way, who overcame adversity to become a global force for change.

From a young age, Ozzin Jun was acutely aware of the world’s major problems and the need for education and awareness to address them. With a drive to make a social impact, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that led her to create Jun International Coaching and Your Universal Way, two companies working to transform lives and build a brighter future.

Early Observations and Challenges

As a teenager, Ozzin identified the top 10 major issues in the world, such as religious wars, climate change, poverty, and social inequality. She realized that these problems shared a common root: a lack of proper education and awareness. Motivated to create
change, she set out to improve education and health systems globally, and to support her family, friends, and community. Growing up in a household with financial pressures, Ozzin vowed to help others not just survive, but thrive in life.

At 18, Ozzin began her entrepreneurial journey as a Digital Marketer and Copywriter. Facing challenges such as the fear of judgment, maintaining consistency without seeing results, and dealing with critics, she persevered and invested over $100k into
mentorships and masterminds. With determination and self-trust, she turned her initial $60k+ debt into six-figure months within eight months, evolving her personal brand internationally.

Overcoming Trauma and Embracing Resilience

In 2019, Ozzin faced a harrowing experience when she was kidnapped and raped. Instead of letting the trauma define her, she chose to become a loving, wise, and powerful woman who pursued her dreams with vigor. This healing journey cultivated resilience, which served her well in her entrepreneurial pursuits.

In April 2021, Ozzin took a bold step by investing multiple five-figures into her first mentor, despite being over $60k in debt. This decision paid off, leading to her first $10k, $30k, and $100k+ months, as well as hosting a successful masterclass that generated
$43k in 90 minutes.

Keys to Success and Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Ozzin attributes her success to world-class leadership, investing in mentors and masterminds, marrying herself (embracing self-worth), and deepening her purpose and faith in God. She offers four essential tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Explore, Clarify, and Focus: Discover your gifts and passions, gain clarity on your vision, and focus on what’s meaningful to you
  • Marry Yourself: Cultivate self-worth and build strong relationships, as self-worth is the foundation for success and happiness.
  • Get a Mentor: Learn from those who have achieved what you desire, as mentorship accelerates success.
  • Be Bold: Break existing rules and take daring actions to stand out and fulfill your dreams.

A Vision for the Future

Ozzin is committed to scaling her consulting company to multiple 8-9 figures and expanding her media company, Your Universal Way. Through these endeavors, she aims to bridge the artistic and business worlds, produce award-winning short films, and grow
businesses creatively. Her podcast, Inspiration Science by Ozzin Jun, currently ranks in the top 50 Mental Health Podcasts, and she plans to expand her reach as a keynote and public speaker.

With a grand vision of transforming education and empowering global healing, Ozzin intends to build healing resorts, establish leadership academies in third-world countries, and unify nations such as South and North Korea. Her consulting and media companies work in tandem to bring creativity, strategy, business, and transformational leadership to the forefront, while integrating faith and spirituality into every aspect of her work. As an artistic entrepreneur, Ozzin is dedicated to creating lasting social impact.

Beyond Business: A Life of Purpose and Love

While Ozzin’s business achievements are impressive, her commitment to personal growth and cultivating strong relationships is equally inspiring. She incorporates faith into her daily life, focusing on fitness and treating her body as a temple. By intentionally
blocking out time to spend with loved ones, Ozzin demonstrates the importance of balance and prioritizing what truly matters.

A Humble Visionary

With ambitious plans to improve the world, Ozzin remains grounded in humility, wisdom, and love. Her journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering faith in oneself and a higher purpose. Through Jun International Coaching and Your Universal Way, Ozzin is not only transforming individual lives but reshaping the world as a whole.

Ozzin Jun’s story is a remarkable example of overcoming adversity and embracing one’s purpose to create meaningful change. Through her entrepreneurial ventures and personal growth, she has demonstrated the incredible impact that resilience, faith, and
determination can have on both individual success and global progress. As Ozzin continues to build her companies and pursue her grand vision, her legacy will undoubtedly inspire countless others to follow in her footsteps and make their own positive impact on the world.

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