Norberto Diaz Granados´s Journey and Humanitarianism

One great poet of all time once said: «Human beings are all part of a whole»

We all need some values in life. Despite the gender, religion, politics or geographical position, age, or skin color, even the spoken language doesn´t matter at all. We all need values, and without them this world would end up in a big burst someday.

These values make us different from animals and keep us in track to become better ones every day. All this values all together bring forth Humanity and allow us to take car for ourselves and others as well.

Since I was a child, my mother instructed me in values and strong believes that make me think in a better tomorrow working today.  I mean, change won´t come unless you make something good today.

So, in my life, nowadays, I realized that everyone has an important role to play in the building up for a better tomorrow. Social media and all this technology we have need to be here for a reason.

The reason, from my point of view is Humankind.

Norberto Diaz Granados L is a Latin-American Singer songwriter, writer, Theologist, Engineer, MBA in Creative Writing, and Humanitarian. He is really convinced, as an artist, he plays a great role in today´s world, working and dedicating a huge part of his incomes to humanitarian organizations in South America, The Caribbean, Middle East, and India.

This work and love for mankind has given him a great passion to help and bring some help to hundreds of people in over 10 countries.

He works hard and is an activist for the rights and freedom of families in Pakistan. Working together with Redeemer Ministries from Australia. This organization has set up free more that 15 families from slavery in Pakistan in the last three years.

In 2016 visited himself Dominican Republic and Haiti for more that three weeks giving some help, mentoring and motivation to 95 local leaders in communities and towns in these countries.

The same is doing today in a project that was made by himself called: «Aboriginal initiative» Witch consists in giving education for free to all the tribes in America. He is being doing so for the last 4 years, through another ONG that works in Amazon Jungle among Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil.

He is always working in music, as a singer songwriter for his message to get heard for most of the people around the world. The 70% of all the incomes from music, videos, and streams, go to this special work in humanitarianism.

During pandemic times for the Covid-19, he decided to break through with three songs to get funds for people in need in Colombia. One Song named: «I do need you, oh mine» A Spanish song was released in May 2020.

A second Song was released in November 2020 named: «The Love colors» Making some noise in Latin America and giving the idea of acceptance, love, forgiveness, and real friendship.

Today has started a new stage in his career with a nice online store for the same purpose, rising funds for the needs of hundreds of people and above all, children in needs.

You may find his music in your favorite streaming platform, and may visit his blog at:

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