NATPAT Products At 20% Off on Amazon Prime Day

NATPAT Announces Exclusive Amazon Prime Day Sale: Enjoy 20% Off Magic Patch and Buzz Patch for Effective and Safe Family Mosquito Protection

WHO: NATPAT, a trailblazing wellness brand committed to infusing joy and care into families’ lives with their innovative sticker-based solutions. Born in 2020, the Australian-based company, founded by childhood friends Andrei, Gary and Michael, has rapidly grown into a multinational eight-figure business, gaining recognition for their unique approach to well-being.

WHAT: NATPAT is offering an exclusive 20% discount on its popular MagicPatch and BuzzPatch products during Amazon Prime Day.

WHEN: The discount will be available for Amazon members on July 15-16, 2024.

WHERE: The sale will be available on Amazon, making it easy for Amazon users in Canada to take advantage of the savings.

WHY: This Prime Day sale provides an excellent opportunity for families to purchase NATPAT’s highly-regarded products at a significant discount. Recently featured in a best-of listicle by, NATPAT’s inclusion highlights their commitment to providing effective and family-friendly solutions. The 20% discount makes it more accessible for families to experience the benefits of NATPAT’s innovative mosquito bite relief and repellent products. By participating in this sale, customers can ensure their families are well-prepared for the summer season with products that have been recognized for their quality and effectiveness.


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