Michael Schreiber’s Journey to Marketing Success: Lessons Learned Along the Way

Starting a business from the ground up is no small venture. To then scale that business into a multi-million dollar operation in three years is an even bigger accomplishment, and Michael Schreiber is the man behind the scenes making it possible for his business, Fused Media. From landscaping to marketing through advertisements, Schreiber has developed hands-on skills as well as taken steps to develop different marketing techniques from business tycoons around the world. Throughout his time, he has learned valuable lessons that keep him focused on what’s really important in his business: loving his family and helping others. 

Faith Keeps You Going

Life is full of ups and downs, challenges and trials, and many hurts, among the joys. For Michael, he had made some unwise decisions at a young age, and those affected him throughout his adult life as well. For many years, Michael struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, and even paranoia. He attended therapy, focused on prayer and meditation, and made time to be outside for over two years to help him start living his life again. From there though, he grew, learned more about himself, and he found faith in God. He knew that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for his faith in God, his family, and his supporters. 

Confidence Is A Gamechanger

After years of working as a landscape laborer, Schreiber and his friend took a huge leap into running their own landscaping business. At that point, Michael knew he had confidence and knowledge in his field, yet because of his past issues, there was always an underlying insecurity and fear. When making the switch into advertising and marketing, Schreiber was out of his comfort zone even more, but as he puts it “I had to believe in myself.” He didn’t let the fear of failure or his idea that he didn’t deserve success hold him back from pursuing a career in the business and marketing world. Because of his confidence in the little things, he has been able to help others find confidence in their careers and help their businesses flourish. 

Never Stop Growing

The third major lesson Michael has learned through his time running Fused, is that he can never stop growing. Continual growth helps you realize that you as a person can be better, your business can be better; there is always room to change and grow. Becoming apathetic and stagnant can lead to failure, as well as not reaching your full potential. Michael has become passionate about advertising, and more importantly about helping others succeed through advertising. In all areas of his life, Schreiber is always looking for ways to grow, change, and keep moving forward. 

Onto The Next

In lieu of his mantra to never stop growing, Michael is looking to expand his current niche and pursue other promotional content to gain clients. He wants to continue to scale Fused and really perfect their trade, yet he also wants to learn new outlets to advertise. “I’m passionate about our clients” says Schreiber, and he wants to build a business that he, his family, and his clients are proud to be a part of. If you’re interested in learning more about Michael and his ventures, check out his website, or go give him a follow on Instagram.

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