Michael Jenkins Inspires Others to Take Control of Their Finances with Trading

Michael Jenkins, the founder of FreeLife101 Investment Group, is on a mission to teach people how to create generational wealth by trading in the foreign exchange market, also known as Forex. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to take control of their finances and live a life free from financial worry.

Jenkins grew up in Detroit, Michigan, in a single-parent home. He dropped out of college after two years and started working in door-to-door sales, selling home security systems. After 12 years in the industry, he realized that he needed to find a way to earn unlimited income without relying on someone else to spend money with him.

In September 2019, Jenkins started trading in Forex and made his first six figures in just a few months. He was so impressed with the potential of Forex that he founded FreeLife101 Investment Group in February 2020 to help others achieve financial freedom through Forex trading.

FreeLife101 Investment Group teaches parents how to trade Forex so that they can quit their job and teach their kids, creating generational wealth. Jenkins has simplified the process of Forex trading, making it easy for even a child to understand.

The most rewarding part of Jenkins’ job is seeing his students succeed. He receives text messages every morning from students who have made their first withdrawal, and he has helped over 300 students retire from their jobs.

Jenkins’ ultimate goal is to build success camps all over the world. These camps will be free boarding schools for the homeless, providing them with a safe space to get clean, reprogram their minds with personal development, get in shape, and learn a trade taught by a certified tradesman. Once they earn their certification, they will be able to gain employment and work until they are hired with full pay, able to rejoin society with a new beginning. The only requirement will be to stay away from all drugs and alcohol.

Jenkins’ advice for young entrepreneurs is to never get too attached to the timeline of their goals. Success cannot be rushed, and it takes time to build a successful business. He also emphasizes the importance of having a passion for one’s business, as it is what will push entrepreneurs to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm or momentum.

In conclusion, Michael Jenkins is an inspiring figure who is helping people take control of their finances and create a better life for themselves and their families. His work with FreeLife101 Investment Group is changing lives and helping people achieve financial freedom through Forex trading. To keep up with Michael Jenkins make sure you follow him on Instagram.

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