Michael Fink’s Entrepreneurial Journey: A Story of Resilience and Dedication

In the challenging world of real estate, few stories resonate as deeply as that of Michael Fink. Michael’s journey is not only a testament to his resilience but also showcases the transformative power of determination and care.

Finding Purpose through Personal Trials

One of the driving forces behind Michael’s dive into entrepreneurship was a deeply personal one. “The need for money. My 3 sons and wife had many illnesses. I constantly was in and out of the hospital taking care of them,” he shared. This dire situation propelled Michael from art school into becoming a successful realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Devices. Through his endeavors, he was able to address his family’s needs, proving that sometimes, necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Cultural Understanding and Communication

Among the significant challenges Michael faced in his journey was learning to navigate the diverse world of his clients. “Learning how to deal with the public, explain things to people in a manner in which they would understand, and learning about how families operate in different cultures,” was a steep learning curve. Yet, this exposure has enriched Michael Fink’s entrepreneurial journey, helping him to connect deeply with his clients and understand their unique needs.

Leading with Trust

Michael’s leadership style stands out in today’s corporate-driven world. “My leadership style is of trust and care. I don’t change my style even though people have taken advantage of me. Over time I have learned to trust them.” This philosophy has allowed him to foster an environment where his team feels valued, leading to increased dedication and performance.

His work philosophy mirrors his approach to life. “Life is what you make of it and if you enjoy what you do, it’s not really work,” Michael opines. Even at the age of 74, he has no intentions of slowing down, emphasizing that work is a pleasure for him.

Beyond his professional success, Michael’s impact can be felt in the community as well. Formerly an art teacher mentoring children, Michael continues his mentoring journey, guiding young realtors in his division.

Concluding our conversation, Michael left us with a piece of advice that aptly summarizes his journey. “I genuinely have my clients’ best interest. I do not try to profit the most money out of my deals. I look for the best, strongest, and safest offer for the sale of my clients’ homes.”

For more updates on Michael and his endeavors, you can follow him on Instagram or visit his website.

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