Meet Entrepreneur Tyler Shirakawa

Tyler Shirakawa is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Centurion Investments, a forex prop trading and account management company. He is also the founder of Kai Coatings, a ceramic coating company that specializes in fishing poles and surfboards. Despite his current success, Tyler has faced his share of challenges and adversity in his entrepreneurial journey.

One of the biggest challenges Tyler faced was being scammed out of 250 btc and experiencing fake friendships. However, he didn’t let these setbacks hold him back. Instead, he used these experiences to become stronger and more discerning when it came to vetting people before letting them into his circle.

Tyler’s prize for overcoming these challenges is the knowledge he gained and his ability to read people. He believes that being an entrepreneur means having time freedom, doing something you love, and helping others. His mission and purpose in life are to help others believe in themselves and to share his life challenges and how he overcame them to help others.

Tyler’s breakthrough techniques include being honest, focusing on goals and not giving up until they are achieved, and understanding numbers and creating a daily system to follow. He believes that now is the best time for entrepreneurs to start or build a company because there is no job security, and the world is changing rapidly.

Tyler’s advice for new entrepreneurs is to never listen to anyone they wouldn’t trade places with and to focus on bettering themselves each and every day. He believes that the only challenge entrepreneurs should focus on is self-improvement.

One word that describes Tyler is “unstoppable,” and he can be reached on Facebook as Tyler Shirakawa or on Instagram as Officialselfmade.ceos. Tyler’s mission and purpose have the potential to impact the world positively, as people become more aware of what’s happening and learn how to prepare for the future.

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