Mark Ross is Bent on Redefining Masculinity and He Plans on Doing it B.I.G.

In a society quick to critique and redefine, Mark Ross, Jr., founder of B.I.G. PWR Coaching and Gentlemen’s University, stands as a beacon for men navigating the troubled waters of modern masculinity. With his unique blend of compassion and command, Mark has dedicated his life to teaching men how to embody a balanced mix of strength and grace.

Mark’s journey is a testament to the resilience and fortitude that he preaches. A former military serviceman, he once faced the dire situation of living out of his car after a painful divorce. Opting to leave his house to his first wife to maintain stability for their children, Mark endured months of secrecy about his living situation. He leveraged the facilities at his workplace to maintain a semblance of normalcy until a friend’s intervention provided him with temporary housing. This chapter in his life, while fraught with challenges, armed him with invaluable life lessons in mental fortitude, financial planning, and stress management—tools that he now shares with others through his coaching.

The cornerstone of Mark’s philosophy is the concept of B.I.G. PWR—Bold, Impactful, Graceful Power. His approach challenges the negative stereotypes often associated with masculinity, encouraging men to adopt servant leadership and rewrite the narrative that society has imposed on them. His coaching isn’t just about personal growth; it’s a clarion call to men to reclaim and celebrate their masculinity on their terms.

Through his roles as an author and speaker, and particularly his time teaching entrepreneurship to middle and high schoolers for North Florida Junior Achievement, Mark has shaped the minds and characters of young men at pivotal stages in their lives. His engaging talks not only inspire but also ignite a transformative spark among his listeners.

Mark’s vision for the future is expansive. He sees his B.I.G. PWR Coaching program becoming a sought-after resource for men worldwide, redefining the essence of what it means to be masculine. His dream is to stand before men across the globe, sharing his message and impacting lives through his dynamic presentations and teachings.

The essence of Mark’s mission lies in his critique of how the terms “masculine” and “masculinity” have been co-opted and tarnished with notions of toxicity. He is committed to detaching these concepts from negative connotations and celebrating them anew. His message is clear: masculinity, when understood and expressed healthily, is something profoundly positive and desperately needed in today’s world.

In this pursuit, Mark has cultivated a robust online presence to reach a broader audience. His teachings and insights can be followed on platforms like Instagram, X, and Fanbase, as well as through his websites for Gentlemen’s University and the soon-to-be-completed B.I.G. PWR Coaching site.

As society continues to evolve and challenge traditional norms, voices like Mark Ross, Jr.’s are crucial. They offer a perspective that is both refreshing and deeply necessary, advocating not for a return to the old ways, but for a new understanding of age-old virtues that can guide men to lead lives of purpose and dignity.

For Mark, the journey is just as important as the destination. His life experiences, coupled with his educational initiatives, equip him uniquely to guide men through the complexities of modern identity. His story is not just one of overcoming adversity but also about taking control of one’s narrative and truly living a life that is B.I.G.

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