Mario Deco shines in audiovisual editing and leaves his mark on each project


Published on: May 11, 2023

By. Carlos Camargo

Mario Deco is one of the best video editors and has been listed for his extensive experience as a very successful professional. His extensive career includes novels, series, movies, documentaries, television shows, music videos, and advertising campaigns.


Thanks to his deep knowledge of the main editing software, Deco has been in charge of editing large projects and multiple genres in Spanish, English, Dutch and Italian. His experience also includes assisting with audio editing and coloring sessions. His technical capabilities have made him an ideal member of any team focused on bringing a director’s vision to life in the most efficient and impactful way.


Among his most important works we can name: being an editor in the documentary produced by Robert Downey Jr. called “Sr.”; visual effects editor for the television series “La Reina del Sur” and editor in the telenovela “Pasión de Gavilanes”. He is also known for his outstanding participation in editing productions in countries such as Spain and the United States, such as: “La Guerra de Eva” (documentary for a Dutch platform); “Glow and Darkness”; TV Show Editor with Jane Seymour and Joan Collins; “Hasta el cielo” (Feature film); associate editor of the first documentary series for Facebook “USA V. Chapo”; Senior Assistant Editor on a scripted television show for Nickelodeon called “I am Frankie”; among many others.


Without a doubt, Mario Deco is brilliant at what he does. Before leaving Spain to settle in the United States, he left a mark in audiovisual production by working in several of the most important series producers in that country, such as Bambú or Plural Entertainment, and he edited his first feature film “Casting” in 2013. , thanks to the opportunity given to him by Iván Aledo, whom he considers his mentor.



Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. Specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the book “Happy and Unbound”

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