Marilyn A. Adibu: The 3 B’s of Entrepreneurship – Beauty, Brains, and Busine

Marilyn A. Adibu is a name to remember in the world of e-commerce, but her beginnings are rooted deep within healthcare. It’s a twist most wouldn’t expect, yet it’s precisely what sets her apart.

A consultant with years of healthcare experience, Marilyn is seamlessly marrying her love for Bridal fashion with her astute business acumen.

Today, she stands as the Founder and CEO of M.Y.A.A.’S Bridal Party Collection, the rising Ghana sensation taking the wedding industry by storm.

So, who is Marilyn? At first glance, she is the embodiment of dichotomy – sweet and fiery, shy yet unapologetically bold.

To know her is to experience these multifaceted sides, each hinting at the depth of her character. From her thoughtful gestures to her leadership qualities, Marilyn is a force to reckon with.

Despite her aspirations for marriage, Marilyn is currently devoting her energy to other brides and their bridal parties.

As someone who has planned weddings, played the role of a bridesmaid, and even donned the hat of a wedding planner, Marilyn brings firsthand experience to her venture.

This time around, her sights are set on launching an e-commerce platform on Shopify and, shortly, establishing pop-up shops to bring brides and bridal parties an array of items to make their big day even more special.

Marilyn’s unique touch lies in the seamless blend of her personality and flair, curating collections that make women not only look good but feel fierce, bold, and confident. “I want everyone to feel beautiful and be the center of attention when wearing or being associated with my brand,” Marilyn shares.

The entrepreneur’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. From learning to connect and engage with her audience to negotiating with vendors in an ever-fluctuating market, Marilyn has faced her fair share of hurdles.

But with each obstacle, she learned – to listen more, be patient, make rational decisions, and most importantly, not let fear stifle her dreams. “Let go of the fear, research, take your time, invest in mentors, and do not be afraid to make mistakes,” she advises budding entrepreneurs.

One of the notable highlights of her journey is her disciplined approach to financial management. In her words, “When I made the final decision to start my business, it was important for me to handle my finances on a different level.” This resolve led her to launch her Bachelorette journals on Amazon.

With plans to launch her Bridal E-commerce website and an Athleisure Collection by the end of 2023, Marilyn’s vision for M.Y.A.A.’S Bridal Party Collection is expansive.

Inspired by friends and family, the brand aims to assist brides and bridal parties in looking cohesive and effortlessly stylish. From accessories and bridal party planners to athleisure wear, Marilyn’s dreams stretch far and wide.

Pop-up shops, being a vendor at Bridal Expos, global brand presence, and diversification into other industries, including travel accessories, beauty, and intimate apparel, are all on the horizon.

For Marilyn, this press is more than just a brand promotion. It’s a way to connect with other entrepreneurs, engage with her audience on a deeper level, bring awareness to her upcoming Bridal E-commerce website, and find potential investors and collaborators.

As she continues to climb her way to the top, Marilyn A. Adibu remains a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and a dash of entrepreneurial flair.

Connect with Marilyn and her brand on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Stay tuned for her upcoming presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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