Loyalty Over Everything Dedication And Sacrifice

Loyalty Over Everything Dedication And Sacrifice, that’s LOEDAS. LOEDAS is based out of Greensboro, NC, & consists of brothers/rappers $lick (out of Wilmington, NC) & King Wiz’e (out of Jersey City, NJ). LOEDAS has been making a name for themselves in the Carolinas along with other states on the East Coast. The group dropped 2 projects at the end of 2020: $liz’e (August 1st) & 4th Quarter (December 31st). Both projects are on all streaming platforms along with visuals on YouTube for “Checklist”, “Takeover”, “Pop My Sh**”, & more. Tune in to the hottest group rising out of the Carolinas.

@loedastheteam (IG & Twitter)

@_thatboyslick (IG & Twitter)

@kingwize_ (IG & Twitter)


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