Layel Hamchou: An Example of Success and Inspiration


Published on: Apr 7, 2024

By: Carlos Camargo

Layel Hamchou, a 22-year-old girl born in Valencia, Venezuela, has emerged as a role model in the modeling and social media industry. Her career, which spans from her beginnings in Venezuela to her prominent presence in the United States, is marked by her commitment to her community and her passion for inspiring others to achieve their dreams. she.
In 2016, Layel took her first steps into the world of modeling as the image of IzzeddinClinic, a dental center committed to the oral health of people, especially those with low incomes. Later, she became a model for Andartu, a renowned clothing brand that dresses prominent figures in Venezuela.
Layel also participated in VLR.Clothing campaigns and productions, modeling her clothes and contributing to the growth of the brand in the Venezuelan market.

In addition to her career as a model, Layel is an ambassador and member of FUNDACI, a non-profit institution dedicated to promoting the social integration of children and families in vulnerable situations.

Career in the US

Since her arrival in the United States, Layel has continued her work as a model and content creator on social media, where she inspires her followers to pursue her dreams regardless of the obstacles.

In 2022-23, she was crowned Miss Mundo Latina Turismo USA, dedicating herself to promoting tourism in Central Florida and proudly representing her community.

In addition to her work as a model and beauty queen, Layel has collaborated with numerous brands, creating content for Rare Beauty, Maybelline, Revlon, and other prominent beauty and fashion brands.
In 2023, she obtained her license as a Realtor, becoming a real estate agent and providing support to people interested in purchasing or investing in properties in Florida. Layel has walked for renowned designers and participated in renowned fashion events, such as Giannina Azar, Odalys Marino, Macduggal, and many more.
Additionally, Layel has been actively engaged with several non-profit organizations in the United States, collaborating with the Nuevo Sendero Foundation, Ronald McDonalds Foundation, and others, to contribute to the well-being of her community.

Layel Hamchou, with her dedication, passion and commitment, continues to be an inspiring example for all those who aspire to achieve success and make a difference in the world. Her journey exemplifies the importance of hard work, perseverance and service to others, proving that dreams can come true with determination and dedication.

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