Juan Correa: An excellent audiovisual director with 18 years of experience


Published on: Dec 22, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo

Juan Correa, with an outstanding 18-year career as an audiovisual filmmaker, presents an impressive set of skills in key areas of the film industry. He has distinguished himself in the industry as a director, producer and screenwriter. His career is taking firm and determined steps towards a definitive internationalization and above all his work shows the impeccability of his talent and achievement.
His training focuses on the Municipal Theater and Film Company (2005 – 2009) as Theater and Film Direction and at the National Cinematography Center (2007-2011) in film direction, photography, sound, script and editing.
With experience teaching film and theater, Juan has contributed to the development of emerging talent, imparting essential knowledge and skills. As a versatile actor, he has made his mark in stage and film productions, bringing depth and authenticity to his performances.
This talented Venezuelan excels in crucial roles in film production, from creative conception to visual capture and narrative.
Excellent achievements are still remembered in Shasta Producciones (2010 – 2023): Venezuela, Peru and the USA. Juan Correa has contributed significantly to Shasta Producciones, standing out in various roles: Short film “Los Retrasados” (2009): film director, actor and screenwriter, Short film “La Bifurcación” (2012): film director, actor and screenwriter, Feature film “Cabimas donde It All Started” (2012): actor, Short Film “Libertad” (2015): Film director, actor and screenwriter. Documentary “Our History of Petroleum” (2016): production assistant, Short Film “Negrito Misterioso” (2016): producer and actor.
In addition, he has participated in the Advertising Spot “San Lorenzo” (2018): film director. Professor of Film and Theater (2018), where he taught the making of 20 student short films with moral values and principles as a focus.
Chapter apart from him, his film “El Grito del Mimo” (2016 – 2023) deserves to be highlighted, where he participated as a film director, producer and screenwriter, covering locations in Venezuela, Peru and the United States.
Juan Correa demonstrates a unique combination of creative and technical skills, consolidating his position as a talented audiovisual filmmaker on the international scene.



Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. Specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the books “Happy and Unbound” and “Happiness manager”.

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