Jordaan Williams: Overcoming Negativity and Achieving Abundance

Jordaan Williams’ entrepreneurial journey was filled with challenges and hardships, but his determination to succeed led him to where he is today. Despite facing negativity from those around him and sacrificing family time, Jordaan made the decision to start in the online industry, focusing on personal development and habit-breaking to form new, productive habits. His team’s decision to start over from scratch with a new opportunity has resulted in a tech-based platform that provides passive income opportunities for individuals globally.

Jordaan’s defining moment was when he was about to have his first son, giving him the unwavering ability to take massive action and set the foundations for the abundance he enjoys today. He wakes up where he wants, spends time with family without stress, travels the world, gives back to the community, and enjoys the finer things in life. Most importantly, he has the mindset to rebuild from scratch with the same level of desire and poise he started with.

To Jordaan, being an entrepreneur means solving problems, creating innovative ideas, and connecting people and ideas to make a change in all areas. He believes now is the best time for entrepreneurs to start or build a company, as we move towards a technology-based world and experience the largest wealth shift.

Jordaan’s business breakthrough techniques include commercial acumen, networking with purpose, developing foolproof systems, leadership development, and creating a positive environment. His mission and purpose in life is to impact as many individuals as possible by educating them on the power of living life by philosophies and disciplines.

Jordaan’s advice to entrepreneurs starting today is to make a definitive decision, cut off ties to old ways of thinking, find a mentor, find an opportunity, and work on yourself to ensure your business is always at the level you are.

His story is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. He overcame negativity, sacrificed family time, and worked on himself to achieve abundance. His platform provides passive income opportunities to individuals globally, impacting as many lives as possible. Jordaan’s mission and purpose in life is to educate others on the power of living life by philosophies and disciplines, and his perspicacity has led him to success.

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