John Ezeobi’s Inspiring Journey: Revolutionizing Nigeria’s Electrical Manufacturing Sector

From its modest inception in 2006 to its current standing as a formidable player in the electrical manufacturing industry, Zobis Electrical Wires and Cable Nigeria Limited has evolved into a household name. Initially established as a trading company, its remarkable performance over the years led to the diversification of its portfolio into civil and mechanical engineering, culminating in the establishment of John Zobis Engineering in 2010.

The visionary founder, John Ezeobi, a university student from a middle-class background, embarked on this journey with a mere 1,350 naira he had saved during his school years in 2006. Remarkably, his first supply venture yielded a profit of 8,000 naira, highlighting his unwavering commitment to quality.

Today, Zobis Electrical Wires and Cable stands as a towering figure in the industry. When discussing prominent names in the electrical manufacturing sector, Zobis Electrical Wires and Cable invariably finds its place at the top. Their prominence extends throughout the South East and South South regions of Nigeria, thanks to their substantial cable manufacturing capacity.

John Ezeobi’s aspirations reach far beyond mere recognition and awards. The visionary founder envisions a grander future.

Zobis Electrical Wires and Cable boasts an impressive track record, having collaborated with oil servicing companies, military entities, and esteemed organizations. Currently, they are undertaking a significant expansion project to enhance their factory’s capacity to 1,000 metric tonnes, offering various cable sizes and generating employment opportunities for approximately a thousand individuals.

Integral to their operations is community engagement. Located in Okoti, Anambra State, Zobis Electrical Wires and Cable has gone the extra mile by constructing homes for the less privileged, improving infrastructure through road construction, and implementing a drainage system to mitigate flooding.

Ezeobi’s motivation is to provide Nigeria with top-tier cables, combating the prevalence of subpar products in the market. Their mission revolves around ensuring safety through the provision of durable, high-quality cables made in Nigeria.

Yet, they face substantial challenges. Securing loans from banks and grappling with erratic power supply are significant hurdles that Ezeobi hopes the government will address.

Looking back on their journey, Ezeobi’s greatest satisfaction stems from the smiles on the faces of their dedicated employees, as he consistently pays their salaries every month.

His advice to the younger generation is a call for unwavering commitment to quality, even in the face of pressure from manufacturers and importers who compromise on standards.

In an industry often marked by shortcuts to cut costs, Zobis Electrical Wires and Cable Nigeria Limited stands as a beacon of integrity, guided by their motto of “Honesty and Sincerity,” continually raising the bar for electrical cables in Nigeria.

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