Joan Fernández Triumphs Internationally

By:  Carlos Camargo

Joan Fernández is a renowned professional athletic trainer specializing in Sports Physiotherapy in the baseball field. His great performance working with teams of that sport has earned him important recognitions. One of those recognitions, and of which Joan Fernández is very proud, is the ring that was given to him after winning the “Venezuela Summer League” with the Houston Astros.

The final of that championship was played against the Pittsburgh Pirates and they were victors. The team’s manager was Omar López, who was currently the manager of the World Classic for Venezuela and at second base was the current major leaguer, José Altuve. A whole team of great professionals who of course were key to victory. Joan Fernández is the best at what he does.

Already important teams such as “Navegantes del Magallanes” and the “New York Yankees” have had him in their ranks without hesitation. With many studies, training and international certifications, which were obtained both in Venezuela and in the United States and the Dominican Republic; Fernández stands out as one of the most prepared athletic trainers a baseball team can have.


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