Inspiring Faith and Transformation: The Journey of Tepheret Jones and Minding My Faith

Soft-spoken, witty, and deeply empathetic, Tepheret Jones is a beacon of encouragement and enlightenment in the realm of faith and personal transformation. As the founder of Minding My Faith LLC, her mission is clear: to provide the essential tools and resources necessary for life-altering change.

The Birth of Minding My Faith

Tepheret Jones, known for her podcast “Kingdom Chats with Teph,” created Minding My Faith out of a deep-seated need she observed within her community. She noticed that many people were stuck in a cycle of stress and sickness, unable to break free from limiting beliefs despite their desire for change. In 2019, she launched Minding My Faith subscription boxes, providing monthly self-care products, devotionals, step-by-step guides, and affirmations to nurture spiritual growth.

Her brand expanded in 2021 with the launch of Rev12six, a t-shirt line designed to spread the word of God, and her podcast “Kingdom Chats with Teph,” where she dives deep into biblical principles to address everyday struggles. In May 2024, Tepheret released her first book, “Okay God, But How?” to guide readers through self-discovery and purpose.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Faith

In 2022, Tepheret faced a significant challenge when she sustained second and third-degree burns on her face. This incident not only tested her physical endurance but also her confidence as the face of Minding My Faith. Utilizing the tools she teaches—prayer, affirmations, and shifting perspectives—Tepheret overcame this adversity, which became the foundation for her book, “Okay God, But How?”

Tepheret’s resilience is a testament to her belief in the power of faith and the tools she provides through Minding My Faith. Her journey of recovery and growth continues to inspire her followers, showing them that faith can indeed lead to profound transformation.

Empowering Others Through Minding My Faith

Tepheret’s primary goal with Minding My Faith is to help people invest in their faith, remove limiting beliefs, and understand their purpose. Her audience, primarily women of faith, finds direction and tools for personal growth through her teachings. Tepheret’s leadership style, which emphasizes leading by example and balancing empathy with firmness, has evolved to ensure her business addresses the needs of her community effectively.

Looking ahead, Tepheret plans to create safe spaces for believers to grow through conferences, retreats, books, and study guides. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay committed to their purpose, even if the plan changes.

Join Tepheret Jones on her journey of growth and transformation by visiting Minding My Faith and following her on Instagram. Through her platform, Tepheret continues to provide invaluable insights and practical tools for fostering a deeper relationship with God and cultivating unshakeable faith.

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