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Passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, Johnny and Cesar always look for ways to give back through business. This passion has led them to launch their newest company, Ikonic Books – a publishing company that wants to tell EVERYONE’S story.

In 2019, Johnny Marines’ business partner, Cesar Piña, was looking to publish a book. Cesar is the embodiment of the American Dream. Born and raised in New Jersey, Piña rose from poverty and hardship to building a multi-million dollar real estate empire. Having seen so much success, he was ready to share his inspirational story in a book. While shopping for different publishers to make his dream a reality, he came to two realizations – publishing is a huge billion-dollar industry, and authors are losing when they go to traditional publishing houses. That’s when Johnny and Cesar met with their partners, Peter Lopez, and Jonathan Soto.

Jonathan Soto, who will serve as editor-in-chief for Ikonic Books, recognizes the importance of sharing Cesar’s and others, success stories. “First,” he says, “It’s a great way for the author to share their knowledge and establish themselves as an expert in their field.” But it’s also inspirational. “People want to know the story behind the success, they are looking for that inspiration.” The problem is, right now, publishing companies are benefiting from these stories more than the authors. Peter Lopez, who has published over a thousand books and founded a publishing service called “PublifyPress,” says, “Right now, publishing companies own the royalties, publishing rights, and distribution rights of an author’s book.” Essentially, an author loses the rights to his own story. Johnny and his team didn’t like that. “Imagine, our guy, Cesar, struggles for 20 years to build his story and then has to give it away just to publish a book.”

One year later, Ikonic Books is set to launch Cesar Piña’s first book “Flipping Keys.” The book details his story from poverty to success. In his words, “It’s not where you start but where you finish. And my story is proof.” Proof indeed. His story starts in poverty and a prison cell. Twenty long years later, he is living the American dream. If people get one thing out of his book, he wants you to be inspired to “seize your opportunity, follow-through, make sacrifices, and just get started.” His book has been read by several experts in the field and has been said to be a very engaging read. If you are looking to script in your life, this book is a must-read. His book “Flipping Keys” is available for pre-order on Amazon and all channels this week.

In addition to launching Cesar’s book, the team is excited to have the opportunity to help other inspiring authors. While building Ikonic Books, the goal was to create a solution that was practical, author-friendly, and game-changing. Ikonic Books will give back to the author. According to Peter, Ikonic will give the “lion share of royalties, rights to distribution and publishing to the author.” When asked who their target market was, the answer was simple. “Everyone.” Johnny and his team believe everyone has a story to tell. Soto stated, “We do have a lot of connections in the inner city, music industry, and real estate, but we believe everyone has a story to tell, and that’s what we want to do.”

With that goal in mind, Ikonic Books will offer several packages to meet the needs of any aspiring author. Whether a highly successful entrepreneur, artist, musician, or anyone with a great story to tell, Ikonic Books has the resources, experience, and knowledge to get your story out there.

Ikonic Books is looking to be a disruptor of a billion-dollar industry. By putting customers first, having flexible plans, and leveraging their unique connections and experiences, the founders of Ikonic Books are looking to help others share their version of the American Dream. As Johnny Marines would say, “Anyone who has a great story to tell, Ikonic Books is your best option.”

If you’re interested in getting a copy of Cesar Piña’s book “Flipping Keys,” pre-order your copy on Amazon here: Cesar Piñas Flipping Keys

If you would like to connect with Ikonic Books about publishing YOUR story, visit: @ikonicbooks

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