From Orphan to Unstoppable Entrepreneur – The Incredible Journey of Lewis Mhlanga

In a world where resilience and determination are rare gems, Lewis Mhlanga’s journey from an orphan to a serial entrepreneur is nothing short of extraordinary. Born in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, in 1984, Lewis faced unimaginable challenges from an early age. Yet, against all odds, he transformed his life into a beacon of success and inspiration.

Growing up without parental guidance, Lewis encountered the harsh realities of hunger and deprivation. But his unwavering desire to become a leader and achieve greatness led him to overcome every obstacle in his path. From selling sweets to shepherd work, he financed his education and embraced opportunities to break free from the chains of poverty.

Through sheer determination and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Lewis immersed himself in various coaching disciplines. As his passion for entrepreneurship emerged, he embarked on a life-changing journey to South Africa, leaving behind a secure job to follow his dreams.

Today, Lewis Mhlanga stands as a self-made millionaire, a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. From a challenging past to a triumphant present, his journey inspires millions, proving that with dedication and resilience, one can truly turn tragedy into triumph.

To connect get personally mentored and coached by Lewis, follow him on:

Instagram: @lewismhlanga

Twitter: @mhlewisa


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