From College Athlete to Successful Entrepreneur: The Journey of Nathan Bruce

The Transition from Sports to Business

Nathan Bruce, known professionally as NateBrucey with EDST, is a remarkable figure who has successfully transitioned from a college athlete to a thriving entrepreneur. Raised in Upstate New York, Nathan played football, indoor track, and lacrosse throughout his school years. His athletic prowess earned him the 2019 Men’s Lacrosse MVP award during his sophomore year at Hudson Valley Community College. Later, at SUNY Brockport, he met future business partners Carmine Trovato and MattyO, setting the stage for his entrepreneurial journey.

Building NateBrucey with EDST

After realizing that a career in coaching lacrosse wouldn’t provide the financial stability he desired, Nathan turned to entrepreneurship. He initially launched two website and SEO businesses, cold-calling thousands of business owners across the country. Despite facing setbacks, these experiences taught him valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork and persistence. Reconnecting with Carmine Trovato led Nathan to join the EveryDay Success Team (EDST), where he found a supportive community and the resources needed to thrive.

Nathan’s dedication paid off during his first summer with EDST. While his family enjoyed a vacation, Nathan stayed behind, working tirelessly on his business. This decision culminated in his biggest sale at that time, a $2100 deal, proving his commitment and potential.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Nathan’s journey with NateBrucey with EDST hasn’t been without challenges. He emphasizes the discipline required to succeed, particularly the mental strength needed to persist in monotonous but essential tasks. His entrepreneurial philosophy revolves around the belief that he can help anyone, but he also recognizes the importance of moving on if someone is content with their current situation.

Nathan’s business primarily serves music artists and content creators who struggle to gain the engagement they deserve on social media. By leveraging a community of over 9,000 like-minded individuals, NateBrucey with EDST helps clients boost their engagement, reach the explore page, and build a trustworthy online presence.

Future Goals and Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Looking ahead, Nathan aims to help thousands more achieve their goals. He also plans to start his own family and ensure he can provide for them through his entrepreneurial endeavors. His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on one thing and give it their all. Dividing attention among multiple ventures can dilute efforts and delay success.

Nathan’s leadership style has evolved from his sports days, where his performance on the field earned him respect and influence. Now, he leads by sharing his knowledge and experiences, using proven techniques to guide those he mentors.

For more insights into Nathan’s journey and to connect with him, visit his Instagram and website.

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