From Businessman to Devoted Dad: The Inspiring Story of Julius OlaOluwa

Julius OlaOluwa, the founder of Jovilius Heart Foundation and the recently closed Mercy Night Club, has made a name for himself, not just as a philanthropist but also a contributor in Nigeria’s hospitality industry. As the executive of Club Mercy, which was recently closed, he has traveled globally, seeking opportunities and business ideas to bring back home in Nigeria. He shared his journey with our correspondents.

Raising his son alone from birth, Julius faces many challenges as a single father. Despite the hardships, the joy of seeing his child’s smile makes it all worthwhile. It is uncommon to see an African man dedicated to single parenthood, but Julius has earned praise for his efforts.

Single fathers deal with temper tantrums, frustrations, and sometimes blame without a partner to share their worries. They often fear making mistakes and worry about their parenting skills. Julius explained, “Being a single parent means mastering many roles. You must balance a loving relationship with your children while setting boundaries. You need to budget carefully and manage the household. Big decisions fall on you alone.”

He continued, “Crossing the gender divide is a significant challenge. Single dads need to learn roles typically assigned to mothers, like cooking, cleaning, and emotional support. Admitting you don’t have all the answers is important. With a positive attitude and willingness to learn, single parenting can be liberating.”

Julius shared his personal struggles, “I can manage household tasks and seek advice when needed. However, showing physical affection and emotional openness to my son has been tough. I often return to Nigeria to babysit during business trips, never fully relaxing without thinking of him. My son has made me a better person, and I am always grateful.”

His dedication to making his son happy and loved is clear. “My son is my life. He made me a better person. Everything I am today is because of him. I put him first before anything and anybody. I hope other single dads learn from my experience.”

He went further, “I am in a relationship now, and more focused on my new real estate project with my long-time business partner. We are investing our profits from the Mercy night club business into real estate investment in the united state.” Julius concluded.

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