Former Mortgage Professional Mike Hermann Turned Millionaire Selling Luxury Watches

Mike Hermann, aka RM Plug, is a seasoned entrepreneur who specializes in sourcing and selling high-end watches. Since starting his company, Hermann has sold millions of  dollars in luxury watches. Building on his ability to locate watches and close deals, Hermann is committed to connecting his clients to the watch of their dreams. 

Hermann has built his business specializing in acquiring specific luxury watches for his clients. Many celebrities and sports stars turn to Hermann as their “plug” for rare luxury watches like Audemars PiguetPatek Philippe and Richard Mille, hence the nickname “RM Plug.” Whether a music icon like Davido or a NBA star like Danny Green or Russell Westbrook, RM Plug is definitely the go-to person to locate your next timepiece. For Hermann, this is a culmination of years of dedication. 

Just five years ago, Hermann hadn’t sold a single watch. While visiting Miami, he connected with a luxury watch retailer who showed him the ropes of the game. While working for free under his mentor, Hermann learned how to negotiate prices, source inventory, and more importantly sell watches. After a year of learning the ins and outs of the business, Hermann bet on himself when no one else did. “People thought I was crazy, but I didn’t let anyone tell me to quit. Not even my friends or family.” His sacrifice paid off. Now RM Plug is a well established player in an exclusive industry and sells some of the hottest watches in the market. When it comes to your dreams or goals, Hermann wants you to know, “Think ten times bigger and don’t let anyone put dust on your dreams.”

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