Forbes Under 30 Summit: Bright Sekoni Shares Vision for African Real Estate

Bright SEKONI, CEO of one of Africa’s leading real estate companies, Audacia Prime Realty, took the stage at the recent Forbes Under 30 Summit to share his vision for the future of the African real estate industry.
Sekoni spoke passionately about the untapped potential of the African market and the opportunities for growth and investment in the region. He emphasized the need for innovation and creativity in the industry, as well as a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

“Real estate is not just about making profits, it’s about building communities and creating a better future for all,” Sekoni said.
All attendees who had the opportunity to have a one on one with him where captivated by Sekoni’s story, and many were inspired to consider investment opportunities in Africa’s real estate market. As the continent continues to experience rapid urbanization and population growth, the demand for affordable housing and commercial properties is only set to increase.

Sekoni’s company has been at the forefront of this growth, developing innovative projects across Africa and providing much-needed housing and commercial spaces to the local population. He spoke about some of these projects, highlighting the ways in which his company has leveraged technology and sustainability to create high-quality, affordable real estate.

Overall, Sekoni’s conversion was a powerful reminder of the potential of the African real estate industry and the role that thought leaders like him can play in shaping its future. As more investors turn their attention to the region, it’s clear that African real estate is set to become a major player on the global stage

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