Exploring the Multifaceted World of Anie Delgado: From Miami to Digital Nomadism

For anyone on the hunt for fresh and authentic pop music tinged with dream pop and RnB influences, Anie Delgado is a name you should know. With an eclectic mix of influences, Anie has created her unique musical style that resonates with a broad audience. This independent artist, originally from Miami, FL, has been making waves in the music industry, from Billboard to Earmilk.

The Anie Delgado Sound: Pop Infused with Ethereal Vibes

When it comes to describing her own music, Anie says it’s “songwriting-focused pop with textured production and ethereal vibes.” If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, or Gracie Abrahams, chances are you’ll appreciate the nuanced storytelling in Anie Delgado’s songs. Listen to her music on Spotify to experience the depth of her artistry.

Anie thrives on collaboration and often works with producer/songwriter duos to craft her sound. The process is organic—sometimes a simple conversation is enough to spark an idea. It’s this commitment to authentic, collaborative storytelling that makes her music so compelling.

A Journey Through Music and Identity

Aside from her artistry, Anie uses her platform to explore and express her identity. “My new project is about my journey as a Latinx, bi artist sitting at an interesting intersect,” she shares. This year, in sync with Bi Visibility Day, she is releasing her first openly queer song, “Trauma Queen.” For a closer look into her journey, you can follow her on Instagram.

Keeping the Fire Alive: Overcoming Challenges and Future Plans

Life as an independent artist comes with its set of challenges. Anie Delgado admits to being swayed by external opinions early in her career. However, she now has a clear focus on what she wants to achieve. Her mantra? “If it’s not serving you, there’s always something better around the corner.”

Her future plans include writing an EP all by herself and perhaps recording it in London with a producer she enjoys working with. “I would love to tour soon too,” she adds.

A Final Note

Anie Delgado is more than just another artist in the saturated music industry; she is a voice representing the complexities and intersections of modern identity, coupled with the soothing melodies that make her music unforgettable. Don’t forget to check out her upcoming single, “Trauma Queen,” releasing on September 22nd. Keep an eye on this dynamic artist as she continues to evolve and make her mark.

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